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Skidmore College
Health and Human Physiological Sciences

Human Anatomy and Physiology Lab

The Human Anatomy and Physiology Laboratory is a dedicated space that supports the two semester Human Anatomy and Physiology course (EX126 & EX127), as well as related courses (e.g. EX115, EX314, etc.). This laboratory facilitates study of anatomy in the bodily systems using various models, the dissection of specimens, and with cutting edge technology to study virtual human cadavers, using online software and with a 55” Sectra interactive display capable of virtual human cadaver dissection.  Additionally, the lab also has the capacity for investigation of physiological functionality through experimentation using Biopac Student Lab data acquisition units, which can measure cardiovascular, muscular, pulmonary, neural responses.
lab lab
Left: Students identifying brain structures on dissected sheep brain. Right: Students using models to study musculoskeletal anatomy.
Sectra Table Jan 2018   EMG and muscle force image
Left: Students identifying skeletal anatomy, using cutting edge technology that allows students to interact with virtual representations of real-life bodies (virtual cadavers). Right: Students studying neuromuscular physiological responses to handgrip exercise using the Biopac data acquisition system.