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Skidmore College
Health and Human Physiological Sciences

Student Learning Goals

Below are the departmental learning goals mapped to College-wide goals for student learning.


  • Acquire knowledge of the human body’s systems, the interdependence of these systems, and how these systems respond to exercise, diet, physical inactivity, disease, and aging.
  • Understand the principles of nutrition and its impact on health and disease.
  • Demonstrate scientific literacy orally, visually, and in writing. 
  • Understand the basic principles of epidemiology.
  • Identify the major U.S. and global public health problems.

Intellectual Skills/Practices

  • Perform laboratory skills to study human health and physiological function.
  • Develop the ability to prescribe exercise programs to a variety of populations by performing, analyzing, and interpreting health/fitness tests.
  • Collect, analyze, and interpret scientific data. 
  • Effectively communicate scientific data orally, visually, and in written form to both scientific and lay audiences.
  • Develop skills through research and internships for managing the health challenges in diverse populations.
  • Assess, explain, and prioritize public health problems and identify selected approaches to address these problems.

Personal and Social Values

  • Understand the multiple determinants of and challenge assumptions about individual and community health.
  • Develop creative and evidence-based strategies to improve individual or community health.
  • Foster values and ethics appropriate in professional settings.
  • Appreciate and recognize the value of a collaborative and inclusive environment.


  • Integrate and apply knowledge across diverse disciplines to address human health problems.
  • Apply the skills and knowledge acquired in the study of health and exercise sciences to improve the quality of life in individuals and community.
  • Foster habits of a healthy lifestyle in self and others.
  • Exhibit professional integrity.
  • Develop a passion for lifelong learning and a desire to share new knowledge.
  • Develop educated citizens prepared to thoughtfully engage with matters of public health policy.