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Human Resources

Learn on the Go Series

The Learn on the Go Series are programs that were developed to feature materials from the HR Lending Library for use at department retreats or for quick lunch and learn staff programs. 

The concept behind this series is viewing a DVD presentation, breaking up into small groups for topic discussion through a guided outline featuring questions and group exercises. 

 Featured titles for the Learn on the Go Series are:

  • A Kick in the Attitude
  • Celebrate—Change Your Lens—Change Your Life
  • Communication Counts
  • Ethics 4 Everyone
  • Everyone Wins
  • Fish!
  • From Delegation to Empowerment
  • Fun is Good
  • How to Run a Successful Meeting
  • Leading More with Less
  • Managing Me
  • Meetings Bloody Meetings
  • Riding the Wave of Change
  • The Attitude Virus
  • The Guest
  • The Power of Future Conversation
  • The Unified Team
  • Who Put a Lizard in My Lasagna?
  • What to Do When Conflict Happens
  • Working with You is Killing Me

Please contact the Gretchen Steffan in Human Resources at 580-5817 to request a title in the Learn on the Go Series.

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