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Skidmore College
Human Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

Recruitment and Employment

Our current openings can be found at our careers website. 

Please contact our Employment Coordinator at 518-580-5802 with any questions regarding application status. 

Human Resources encourages employees to utilize the employee self-service portal to change their address. You can access the link by going to the Human Resources web page and clicking on the link for “My Employment Information” or email Leslie Miakisz, HRIS and Payroll Coordinator at

If you decide to leave your employment with Skidmore College, we ask that you give us at least two weeks' written notice. Please inform your Supervisor in writing as soon as possible of your last workday. This will give us the opportunity to make the necessary adjustments in our operation.

Your separation date will be your actual last day worked and you will be paid for any properly reported unused accrued vacation leave in accordance with the vacation policy, as long as you have provided the required notice. Vacation hours are earned and accrued evenly throughout the year up to the maximum annual policy amount. Should you leave your employment with Skidmore College and the amount of vacation hours taken and paid exceeds the amount earned and accrued to date, you must repay the difference to Skidmore College.

Before or on your last day with the college, you are required to return all property owned by Skidmore College (e.g., identification card, keys, credit cards and other Skidmore equipment) to your Supervisor prior to your departure. You should be aware that Employee personnel files are College records and separated employees are not entitled to these records.

Employee Development & Recognition

Human Resources provides a variety of learning and development opportunities year-round. The list of opportunities can be found on the HR Learning & Development Web Page.

Human Resources administers the Thoroughbred Thanks appreciation program created to recognize members of the Skidmore Community for good work, good deeds and adding value to the College. More information can be found on the Thoroughbred Thanks Recognition Web Page.

Each May following Commencement, the College celebrates members of the Skidmore Community who have service achievements (Service Award Recipients) and retirement at a luncheon. This event is referred to as the R&R and also features “The President’s Awards, “ which President's Awards are presented each year to members of the Skidmore faculty, staff, and student body who have embraced the educational mission and cooperative spirit of the College through their exemplary commitment to personal excellence, campus pride, and community service.

The awards are intended to celebrate and symbolize the wide range of contributions by individuals and groups to the quality of campus life. Photographs of those being celebrated can be found on the Human Resources Home Page.

While there is some flexibility depending on divisional/departmental needs, Human Resources encourages leaders to complete performance evaluations and set goals for the upcoming year in the May-June time frame.

Benefits and Leaves of Absence

Human Resources encourages employees to utilize the Benefits Website to find out information regarding your benefits and leave of absence options. If you have questions or need additional information, please contact Laura Goodwin, Assistant Director of Benefits Admin, Compliance and Wellness ( or ext. 5808) or Janet Wood, Benefits Coordinator ( or ext. 5803).

In order to change your retirement contribution rate, Faculty and Staff employees must complete the Supplemental Retirement Account Salary Reduction Form. To find this form, click on Benefits Forms in the navigation menu on the Benefits website. Please return to Human Resources when complete. Note for Union members contact Vangard directly.
Upon separation from the College, employees will be paid for unused accrued vacation that has been documented and approved by the employee’s supervisor. In these circumstances, paid vacation will not extend the length of employment.

In accordance with New York State laws and with our commitment to promote good citizenship, the College will not discharge or otherwise penalize any employee because of their absence from work to serve on a jury. The employee should present the jury notice to his/her supervisor immediately upon receipt. If you are able to work three or more hours of your shift, you are required to do so. Jury duty proof of service slips must be submitted to your department weekly to document your time. This benefit is available to all regular full- and part-time employees immediately upon hire.

When a regular full- or part-time employee is required to serve as a juror in a court proceeding, the College will pay the employee’s regular salary. Immediately upon receipt of payment from the government, the employee should submit a copy of the government pay stub to Payroll and reimburse the College for the exact amount of pay received by the government. The employee may keep any reimbursement for mileage or expenses. Notify your supervisor and provide them with any paperwork you are given by the court. Since the College pays you for your time at Jury Duty, you are required to record your time in Kronos (you would choose Jury Duty from the drop down box). When filling out your paperwork from the court, you indicate that you are being paid by your employer, therefore, you will not receive a check from Jury Duty. If you do, you are required to submit it to the Payroll Department. 

Payroll and Taxation

Time off requests and entries must be made in Kronos, the College's timekeeping system. Employees may contact payroll at extension 5840 with questions regarding Kronos.

Employees should contact the Payroll Department at 580-5841 (faculty and staff employees) or 580-5842 (union and trades employees).

Any written employment verifications are to be sent to Leslie Miakisz, HRIS and Payroll Coordinator. Any request for salary information must include a signed authorization by the employee. A copy of the written verification of employment is kept in the employee’s personnel file.


Employees should be able to obtain a copy of their position description (formerly "position questionnaire") through their direct supervisor. Alternatively, employees may contact Human Resources.

The GSA is the "General Salary Adjustment". This adjustment, to the extent that it is available, must be approved by the Board of Trustees each spring. All eligible employees receive the same percentage increase when a GSA is available. If a GSA is approved, the salary adjustment will normally go into effect for working days from June 1 forward. Employees on performance improvement plans, disciplinary actions, or who are at the maximum of their salary band may not be eligible for a GSA.

Each year, HR works with senior leaders to review compensation to external benchmarks. A market adjustment is proposed when this review indicates that an employee is lagging behind market compensation based upon the College's compensation philosophy.

Each year, HR works with senior leaders to review compensation to internal comparables. An equity adjustment is proposed when this review indicates that an employee is lagging behind similarly situated employees within the institution.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Employees are always encouraged to discuss concerns with their supervisors, or other members of their leadership team. However, to file a formal complaint employees should contact Human Resources, and specifically the Assistant Director for Employment, Compliance, and Workplace Diversity via ext. 5800.

Employees are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the College's reasonable accommodation process and policy. Employees wishing to request assistance in the form of a workplace accommodation should contact Human Resources, and specifically the Assistant Director for Employment, Compliance, and Workplace Diversity via ext. 5800.


The college encourages members of the community to come forward in a timely manner with good-­faith reports or concerns about suspected compliance issues. Individuals are encouraged to submit such reports to their immediate supervisor or the appropriate department chairperson, program director, dean or other college official.

Although the college encourages individuals to report concerns to their immediate supervisors, department heads, program directors, deans or other appropriate college officials, there are times when an individual may feel it is necessary to report a concern of wrongdoing outside of the traditional reporting mechanism. To address that situation, Skidmore has selected an independent firm to provide a way to anonymously and confidentially report activities that may involve improper conduct or violations of Skidmore policies. Employees may file a report by visiting this website or by telephone at 888‐828‐7002.