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Skidmore College
Faculty and Staff Benefits

Skidmore Employee Benefits Summary

The following is a summary of the comprehensive benefit plans Skidmore College offers to faculty and staff. Every attempt has been made to ensure that all information in this summary is clear and accurate. However, this summary is not a legal document. A detailed description for each benefit plan can be obtained from Human Resources on this website, or by calling 518-580-5800. Benefits may be changed, revised, or terminated at the sole discretion of the College.


What is the Skidmore College Benefits Program?

Skidmore provides a "menu" of benefits for you to choose from. You can fund your contributions, if any, with tax-free dollars. You can also have a portion of your pre-tax pay held in "flexible spending accounts" to fund certain health care expenses not covered in the program as well as dependent day-care costs. The program operates on a calendar year basis.

As an eligible employee, you will be covered beginning the first of the month following the date of hire. If hired on the first of the month, benefits begin immediately. An initial memo, along with a flexible benefits enrollment form, will be provided prior to or on your employment date. Soon after you start work, you will attend an orientation to help you choose benefits for the remainder of the calendar year.

Continuing employees can change their benefit elections during open enrollment in November, with changes effective the following January 1. Premium increases, if any, occur each January 1. In addition, while health care cost-sharing is based on individual salary bands (with the exception of salary adjustments due to sabbaticals), cost-sharing will not change until the following January 1. All open-enrollment changes or updates are done online.

While some program information is provided in this summary, please see the yearly benefits information posted on the Benefits website for full details.

Who may participate?

You are eligible to participate if you are a regular full- time employee, or a part-time employee hired to work in a twelve-month position for at least 1,365 hours per year; full-time faculty appointed in temporary positions for at least two consecutive semesters; exempt and non-exempt staff hired in full-time temporary positions for at least nine (9) consecutive months; and faculty, exempt and non-exempt staff appointed to an approved shared position.

Most dependents are eligible to be covered under many plans in the program. However there are some restrictions on the age of children and on qualified domestic partners. Please refer to individual plan documents or speak to a Human Resources representative.