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Skidmore College
Management and Business Department
MB 107 students

Student Achievements

Many of our students accomplish impressive goals and honors both at Skidmore and off campus.

Management and Business Awards

The Seymour and Sylvia Goldman Memorial Prize

Established by the family of Seymour and Sylvia Goldman in their memory by their daughter and son-in-law, Linda Goldman Tanenbaum and Jay Tanenbaum ’60. Awarded to the outstanding senior in the Department of Management and Business.

  • William Berg '18
  • Derrick Yam '17
  • Isaac Carp '16
  • Ezra Levy ‘15
  • Ni Fang ‘14
  • Catherine Lucky Chang ‘13
  • Raiza Nazareth ‘12
  • Haseeb Younas ‘11

The Jefferson Huff ’88 Prize in Business

Established by the family and friends of Jeff Huff ’88, and awarded to a junior or senior business student who has a distinguished academic record and has produced an outstanding project in business.

  • Ran Tao '18
  • Makeda Diggs '17
  • Hannah Weaver '16
  • Cara Vanin ‘15
  • Jennifer Eiko Michelle Shonborn ‘14
  • Catherine Lucky Chang ‘13
  • John Douglas Morris ‘12
  • Spencer Cheng ‘11

The Gail Moran Morton ’60 Prize

Awarded to a junior or senior whose excellence in the business major has been combined with a particularly broad liberal arts program of study, and who demonstrates the humanistic concern for personal and community relationships that embodied the spirit of the liberal arts and that we associate with the memory of Gail Moran Morton ’60.

  • Jack (John) Sloan '18
  • Georgiana Ager '17
  • Geoffrey Inaba '16
  • Mohannad Aljawamis ‘15
  • Anthony Steven Giacin ‘14
  • Kelsey Emily Yam ‘13
  • Aylin Riker Ceylan ‘12
  • Alexis Colley Green ‘11

The Wall Street Journal Award

Awarded by the Department of Management and Business to a student whose outstanding academic achievement and interest in applied management have been evident throughout his or her academic career at Skidmore.

  • Ekaterina Vagina '18
  • Keldwin Taveras '17
  • Lyssa Jackson '16
  • Lauren Alexander ‘15
  • Rebecca Paige McCourt ‘14
  • Amanda Rose Hill ‘13
  • Julia Sloan Robins ‘12
  • Ian Taylor Ritchey ‘11

The Heck Award

Established in memory of Beulah Slocum Heck and awarded to the highest-ranking student in the Department of Management and Business.

  • William Berg '18
  • Hannah Meehan '17
  • Hannah Weaver '16
  • Shuming Liu ‘15
  • Anthony Giacin ‘14
  • Catherine Chang ‘13
  • Diego Reinero ‘12
  • Corey Jarecki ‘11

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Activities Outside the Classroom

Our students are academically and professionally engaged inside and outside of the classroom. Here are some examples:

Women in Business first meeting in 2015Clubs and Organizations

Click this link to see the 2014–2015 Annual Review for Skidmore’s Women in Business Club

SSCP with Saratoga Springs MayorMB students meet with current and former mayors of Saratoga Springs as part of a service-learning practicum.

View additional student club and organization information here.


Click here to check out Skidmore’s Career Development Center website for more information

Kenneth A. Freirich Business Plan Competition

Click here to learn more

Off-Campus Study

Click here to check out Skidmore’s Off-Campus Study & Exchanges website for more information

Skidmore Saratoga Consulting Partnership (SSCP)

Click here to learn more

Collaborative Research (click here for more information)

Independent Studies

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Resources for Students

Students majoring in MB often need to connect with other resources, experts and offices on campus. Here is a helpful list:

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