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Polo by Twilight


NK Mabaso '19

Scholar Profile: NK Mabaso '19
Nkosingphile (NK) Mabaso '19 is the 2019 recipient of the Anne T. Palamountain Scholar Award. NK came from a small township near Johannesburg, South Africa, where she grew up in extreme poverty.  Read More.

Karen Reese
Artist Profile: Karen Reese
[7/11/2018] Karen's artwork is featured in the event program, and comes as a result of years of studying her subjects and the love she has for horses and ranch life.  Read More.

Eleuterio Martinez Ramirez ’18
[7/10/2018] Ele will teach basic math and computer skills to young students at his childhood school in return to Oaxaca, Mexico. His efforts will be supported by funding he received from a SEE-Beyond Award from Skidmore, Ele’s efforts continue to make a difference, truly following Anne Palamountain’s example of always giving back to one’s community. Read More.

Amy Bergstrasser '11
Amy Bergstraesser '11, Palamountain Scholar
[7/7/2017] Amy Bergstraesser spoke at the Polo by Twilight benefit as a student in 2011, and now returns to the stage as the fourth Anne T. Palamountain Scholar Award recipient. Read More.

Tom Collins
Tom Collins: Scholar Highlight
[7/7/2017] "I fell in love with Skidmore on my first visit. Saratoga Springs felt like a big city (coming from rural Vermont), but not too big! The campus in the woods was so gorgeous. I got a great vibe from the students too. I think I was on campus for about 10 minutes when I said, 'This is it. Nothing else will do.' " Read more.

Joan Hodges-Wu
Joan Hodges-Wu: Scholar Highlight
[7/7/2017] "I decided to attend Skidmore because I wanted a school that would nurture my creativity but also provide me with a superior liberal arts education."  
Read more.

Claire Davenport '08
Claire Davenport '08: 2016 Palamountain Scholar Award Winner
[7/8/2016] Claire Davenport '08 is finishing a residency at Albany Medical College and pursuing a master's degree in bioethics. She is the third recipient of this award, which recognizes Palamountain Scholars who have distinguished themselves through leadership, service to others and committment to the larger good of society. Read more.

Anne Diggory
Artist Profile: Anne Diggory
[7/8/2016] Anne Diggory paints out of her studio in Saratoga Springs. She is known for her combination of accurate detail with expressive painting and strong abstract structure. Her recent work is inspired by the nearby Adirondacks in all seasons, as well as the scenery of Alaska, Arizona and California. Read more.

Kelly Harkins '04, Award Winner
Kelly Harkins '04: 2015 Palamountain Scholar Award Winner
[7/13/2015] This year's Anne T. Palamountain Scholar Award goes to Kelly Harkins '04, an accomplished scientist. The annual award, now in its second year, recognizes Palamountain Scholars who have distinguished themselves through leadership, service to others and a commitment to the larger good of society. Read more.

Sharon Crute
Artist Profile: Sharon Crute 
[7/13/2015] The signature artwork for this year's Palamountain Scholarship Benefit is the handiwork of equine artist Sharon Crute, whose extensive experience as an insider in the horse racing industry informs and inspires her work as a painter. Read More.

Colleen Barber Hursh '04
Colleen Barber Hursh '04: 2014 Palamountain Scholar Award Winner
[6/25/2014] Colleen Barber Hursh '04 is the inaugural winner of the Anne T. Palmountain Scholar Award, created to recognize Palamountain Scholars who have distinguished themselves through leadership, service to others, and a commitment to the larger good of society. Read More.

Hilary Knecht '13
Hilary Knecht '13: Palamountain Scholar
[6/26/2013] Drawn to Skidmore by its ethos of creativity, Hilary has taken advantage of the curriculum, internships and study abroad to prepare for a promising career in museum education. Read More.

Tom Mayott
Artist Profile: Tom Myott
[7/3/2012] The signature artwork for this year’s Palamountain Scholarship Benefit is the handiwork of Tom Myott, a painter known for his landscapes, portraits and equine scenes. Read More.

Bryn Shockmel /12
Bryn Shockmel '12: Palamountain Scholar
[6/26/2012] Bryn is one of 19 students to receive financial aid this past year through the Palamountain Scholarship Fund. “Without the Palamountain Scholarship, I would never have been able to attend Skidmore or participate in such fantastic experiences as study abroad,” said Bryn. Read More.

MaryLou Whitney and John Hendrickson
Skidmore to recognize Marylou Whitney and John Hendrickson for community service
[6/18/2012] Skidmore College will honor well-known Saratoga couple Marylou Whitney and John Hendrickson with the awarding of the college’s Lucy Skidmore Scribner Medal at the Palamountain Scholarship Benefit July 31. Read More.

Jim Rose
Executive Chef Jim Rose
[7/29/2011] Executive Chef Jim Rose will prepare this year's menu. "The concept is healthy flavors using a lot of local summer ingredients,” Rose said. “Each year, we’ve increased our vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options at the college, and we wanted to bring that into our catering.” Read More.

Greg Montgomery
Greg Montgomery, featured artist
[7/8/2011] Artist Gregory R. Montgomery has donated his talents to the Palamountain Benefit by creating the artwork that graces the cover of this year’s invitation and printed program. Read More.

Kyle Carey '08
Kyle Carey '08, Palamountain Scholar Update
[7/8/2011] Kyle Carey, who was the featured student speaker at “Polo by Twilight” in 2008, has been busy building a successful musical career, drawing on her Skidmore education and her passion for songwriting and Celtic languages. Read More.

Anne Palamountain
Anne Palamountain, Skidmore's Cheerleader
[7/6/2011] “You cannot expect a person to come up with creative solutions to complex problems unless you allow that person to develop their own creative tools. We must focus on ways to develop that creative part of our collective mind through education if we are to endure on this planet.” Read More.