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Skidmore College
Pre-Orientation Programs

Be more, do more, Jew more, Skidmore!!!!


Jewish Student Life Pre- O 2019


The purpose of this pre-orientation is to give first year students the opportunity to meet and socialize with other Jewish students in a fun non-academic, all inclusive environment.  We hope this will help ease your transition into your new Skidmore life, by maximizing on a familiar and supportive aspect of your lives.  We would like to foster a more inclusive Jewish community.



This is a tentative schedule and subject to change



  • 1pm Meet your Peer Advisors on the 2nd floor of Case Center:
    • Ice breakers
  • Early evening meditation hike
  • Footsteps pathway paint activity linked to Tree of Life
  • Dinner
  • How Will I Fit in? What if I’m not Jewish enough? Conversation
  • Evening activity (one or more possibilities):
    • Havdallah candle making
    • Tallit Making Prep
    • Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and other Jewish comedies



  • Morning Mindfulness & Experiential Prayer
  • Breakfast
  • Options: Kayaking, tubing, state park trip, volleyball, barbeque
  • Challah baking
  • Cook Shabbat dinner together
  • Shabbat services
  • Shabbat dinner
  • Evening Activity (one or more possibilities):
    • Vision board making
    • Song session, bonfire, and smores (and smOreos)
    • Games



  • Morning Mindfulness
  • Shabbat morning services
    • Art midrash and/or Torah drama
    • Kugel & Shakshukah brunch
  • Tikkun Olam- Habitat for Humanity trail clearing, meditation sign making (to be finalized)
  • Dinner
  • Evening activity: (one or more possibilities)
    • Havdallah
    • Tallit making
    • College Questions Anonymous (Ask the PAs anything)



  • Morning mindfulness
  • Bagel breakfast
  • Closing activities- T-shirt distribution