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Skidmore College
Pre-Orientation Programs

SCOOP Hiking & Canoeing Combo

"I only went out for a walk and finally concluded to stay out till sundown, for going out, I found, I was really going in.”

John Muir


The SCOOP hiking and canoeing program is an outdoor experience that cannot be compared to any other. You will hike (with your full backpack) the beautiful Adirondack Mountains. You will canoe the Adirondack waterways. You will climb to vistas of incomparable beauty, swim in crystal-clear lakes while getting to know your classmates. At night, sit around the campfire, sleep in tents under the stars and learn what is great about Skidmore and Saratoga Springs. SCOOP wilderness equals friendships that last forever and countless unforgettable memories.

Experienced, licensed guides and SCOOP peer advisors will ensure your safety and enjoyment. Students who opt for this program will be provided with a list of camping needs. We urge you to wear broken-in hiking boots. All of the canoeing equipment is provided by our licensed guides.

Please don't forget your required forms to attend SCOOP, found here SCOOP Homepage.