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Skidmore College
Pre-Orientation Programs

Record Club / Writing Rock

 Cafe Lena

 A good excuse for the music-obsessed to get together and share, discuss, and write about songs we love. The record club format, based on the original in New York City, provides a welcome context for playing and discussing recent discoveries, old favorites and obscure tunes. 

Everyone brings two selections; during the first "round," each song gets played once while everyone listens without commenting. After the chooser reveals the title and the artist, the song is played once more and everyone responds freely. We'll take the format a step further by using additional sessions to write about the selections from vantages obvious (record reviews) to esoteric (the kind of  historical-aesthetic criticism practiced by Greil Marcus, for example).

We will take a trip to a local legendary folk coffee house which started in the '60s.

We will have excellent musicians play for you in an intimate setting. 

We'll read and discuss examples of rock writing to serve as prompts for our own pieces. Working together as editors and writers, we'll develop and produce a "zine" of the week's writing, including a compilation CD.

Warning: Jam Sessions occur spontaneously and can be infectious! No prior music experience necessary, just the love of it.

Program director: Marc Woodworth, Associate Editor of Salamagundi magazine, lecturer in English

Check out a tentative schedule from previous years