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Pre-Orientation Programs

Meet your peer advisors


Ashley '21


Yoooo SCOOPies! My name is Ashley and I am a PA for H2O (the best scooop ever)! I am a rising junior, and soon to be a sociology major with a double minor in political science and math! SCOOP was literally the best decision of my life, and I am so happy I could ~embrace~ nature! It was also cool to meet other first years—I am actually living with a pretty cool Colorado gal I met on SCOOP (@India)! Also if you see me, say hi to me, or I will just keep waving at you until we make eye contact! Email me if you have an questions or just wanna chat at

P.S.: I have a twin on campus so if you see someone who looks like me and is avoiding eye contact, do not engage! JKJK Alyssa is super chill.

Olivia '20 

HEYYYOO! I’m Olivia, I go by many variations of my name but usually I’m Liv! Class of 2020 double major in dance and education and I will be one of your PA’s for NAHUNA get hyped! This will be my 3rd year hanging with the NAHUNA squad and I am beyond psyched!! Being a part of SCOOP is an amazing decision and I promise you won’t regret it! You get to chill in the woods (the Adirondacks are dope) hang with cool people (we rock), learn a lot (the fun kind of learning of course), and have a blast!! SCOOP is like your mini family to get you amped and ready to meet your huge family which is Skidmore! If you have any questions about Skidmore, life, SCOOP, or anything really, want to tell me a fun fact, a story, a favorite quote, email me I’m crazy available!!




 Adam '22

Hello! My name is Adam, and I’m part of the leadership team for the  High PeaAdamks Hybrid program! I’m a rising sophomore, and I plan to major in art with a concentration in metalwork. I love climbing, hiking, and mountain biking, so I’m pretty excited to help lead this trip. I’m super outgoing and always willing to answer any questions you may have, so feel free to email me ( I can’t wait to meet you all!”


 Kieran '22

 Hi everyone! I’m Kieran and I am going to be a PA on adventure challenge. I’m a rising sophomore and plan to be a double major in political science and 

Kieranenvironmental studies. I’m from San Francisco and love the outdoors and places like Yosemite. SCOOP was where I made some of my closest friends and is one of my favorite memories from college so far. I can’t wait to see you all at  SCOOP!!

Kailey  '20


Kailey ToiaHi I'm Kailey

 I'm here to hype you up to embark on the coolest adventure to kick-off your freshman year! This is a pic of me hiding out in the SCOOP bus 'cus I didn't wanna leave :-(( I did wilderness hiking at Lake Placid, and it was one of my Skidmore highlights. Many campfire memories made with amazing people, who are still my close friends. Got any questions?? Still on the fence? Wanna chat? Email me!


Annie '21


AnnieHeyyyy soon-to-be scoopies!!! My name is Annie Tilden and I'm a rising Junior!! I'm a social work and religion double major, but more importantly I'm one of the Adventure Challengeeee Peer Advisors!!! Doing SCOOP is the greatest way to start Skid because we get STINKY AND BOND together IN THE DACKS (my favorite place ever!!) before actual school stuff begins. I love hiking, swimming, climbing, singing, dancing and basically anything in the outdoors, which is what SCOOP is all about!! WOOHOO! I love SCOOP and Skid, so if you have any questions! Lemme know!! My email is and I'm PSYCHED to meet you all! 

Amira '21

 Hi future scoopies & parents and weird internet surfers! My name is Amira and I’m a rising Junior. I’m a Sociology major, Spanish and IGR double minor. I met my best friend on scoop and she was 100% worth the $500. Here we are in the wilderness



Colin '20 

ColinHi my name is Colin Liscord.  I am from Maine. I am undeclared but over the summer traveled to Florence, Italy, and took a few art classes. I am also on the rowing team and a member of the Student Athlete Advisory Board. I was on the Nanuna orientation trip my freshman year and loved it. I am excited to be a peer advisor again!


Freddie '20

Hello SCOOPies!! I'm Freddie and I will be bringing you hiking in the best area of the ADK's, the High Peaks! I loooove SCOOP because it really helped a random Swede on the wrong side of the Atlantic such as myself transition into life at Skidmore and in the U.S. Besides SCOOP, I love biking, dancing to Abba and ranting about depleted aquifers and cultural eutrophication (Yay environmental science). I can't wait to meet you all and if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email me at In the meantime you can enjoy this photo of me chilling in mud and get stoked for SCOOP.


Gina '20

GPIt is me, Gina! Welcome Class of 2023; fresh out of high school, gap years, maybe even the womb. I am a competitive player of a sport made for dogs (ultimate Frisbee), a lizard enthusiast and a lover of the Light speed, freshly scented Jonsson tower elevators!

Catch me as your SCOOP PA if you're lucky enough and I'll sing you lullabies of nonsense and worship your soul. 


Matt '20

Matt M.Congratulations, you done it. you're coming on SCOOP! Good choice, A1! Hello, it's me: Matt Moriarty (yes you read that correctly) AKA skidmore's #1 dad. On top of being a dad, I am also a choreographer and treasurer of Rithmos (Skidmore's only jazz and hip-hop group), a dance and exercise science double major and an avid fan of D-Hall's sunflower butter. Be prepared for a lot of Vine and Spongebob references if you're one of my SCOOPies! I cannot wait to meet you all in the fall and I hope you're all as excited as I am! SCOOP helped get me off on the right foot at college, and I'm amped to make sure that happens for you too! Let's get it!

Stella '20

StellaMy name is Stella Solasz, I am studying environmental science and I Love SCOOP! Doing SCOOP was the best decision I made during my first year at college. I entered college with so much more confidence because I had people I could lean on and trust. I met some of my best friends on my SCOOP trip, and I don't know what I would do without them. SCOOP is a great way to make friends and get acclimated before one of the most intimidating times of your life.

Max '20

Hi I’m Max! I would tell you about myself, but I’m going through a tunnel right now.




Andy '21



LINA '20 


Hey hey hey!  I can't wait to see all of your lovely faces on SCOOP! Best decision anyone could ever make is to choose to be a SCOOPie 😊I am a psychology major but more importantly I am super hypted to be a third-year adventure challenger! I went on the Adventure Challenge SCOOP trip as an incoming first-year student and it was incredible. Going on SCOOP is a great way to know a number of friendly faces (both first-year and upper-classmen) once we get back on campus. On campus I am a peer health educator and a tour guide for Admissions, I will be on the diving team, and I am on the E-Board of Bare (a super dope club on campus where we discuss sex/sexuality/intimacy and other stuff, which I expect to see you all at!) If you have any questions/concerns about anything Skid-related or SCOOP-related, feel free to hmu

Get readddddy SCOOPies, we comin for you!

Josh '20 


Heyoo SCOOPies!!!!! My name is Josh, and I'm going to be a senior this year! I study music, political science and Spanish, anJoshd I'll be one of your PA's for Adventure Challenge (inarguably the greatest SCOOP trip)!! Doing SCOOP was definitely the best decision I made during my first year at college. I can't wait to meet you all, and email me ( if you have any questions about Skidmore or SCOOP. In the meantime here's a picture of me on the Argentine side of the Patagonia getting PSYCHED for SCOOP!!! 




Andy '20


Andy RhodesHiya studs!

I’m Andy Rhodes, one-of-a-kind nature-loving peer advisor for SCOOP this summer! If you’re on my trip, we’re going to be hiking, awkwardly dancing, laughing and talking about the fabrical (fabulous + radical) racquetball parties! On campus, I’m an s-rep in the Sustainability Office, and I’m also the event coordinator for the Outing Club, so please feel free to talk to me about anything environmentally friendly or climate change! One of my admirable qualities is that I am an avid gluten enthusiast who loves to solely eat yellow foods! Ask me about my Crocs, flamingos, cows, my beautiful rats, and how to properly drop it low on the dance floor. SCOOP will change your life and help you transition into college so perfectly, so please come!! —chirp chirp@andyrodes out.



Lauren '20

Lauren '20Hey! My name is Lauren, and I am so so excited to be a peer advisor for all you incoming Skid kids. I'm a rising senior at Skidmore, a soon-to-be political science and English double major, and the secretary for the Outing Club. I love Skidmore, and I think SCOOP is the absolute best way to get introduced to this amazing school and the awesome people you'll be sharing the next four years with. 

If you have any questions, you can email me at Get stoked! 

Bryce '20 

SCOOP is great, and you should do it and especially choose rock and river! It's definitely the best one and I have zero bias. (You'll have a blast on any of them). Also, poop before SCOOP! Deep thoughts from Bryce!



 Bryce W.

India '21 



Hi everyone, I'm India (nope--I was not born there) I am Indiastudying neuroscience, and I am a PA for H2O! SCOOP is easily the best decision you've made. I am from Colorado so you can correctly assume I love the outdoors and essentially all outdoors-ey activities. SCOOP makes the transition to #collegelife much smoother, and really helps you meet new people! You can email me at if you have any questions! GET READY FOR SOME SCOOP!!!!!!! 


Kathy Jo '20


Heyo scoopies!! My name is Kathy Jo and I’m PAing H2O this year. I study Computer Science, Math and Dance but when I’m not grinding away I’m probably daydreaming about SCOOP. I can’t wait to meet you all, and email me( if you got any questions!

Lily '20



Lily spent most of her life in Los Angeles but traded the City of Angels for the Adirondack Mountains. She is beginning her senior year working toward an Environmental Studies degree while also kickin it as the Skidmore Outing Club Co-President. She prefers pancakes over waffles, liquid soap over bar, and holes in the ground over toilets. Catch her hiking, humming, and hydrating on a mountain near you!


Harrison '22



Hello Hello. My name is Harrison.

I like trees. Do you like trees?

Talk to me about physics. And poetry!

Let’s hike. And canoe!

And get reeeaaal stinky, too.



Dean '21



Hey SCOOPies! My name is Dean Rette and I’ll be a PA for Wilderness Hiking! I am a rising junior and neuroscience major. On campus I’m a peer health educator and a D-Hall supervisor (watch out)! I am so psyched to be heading back out there! SCOOP was by far the best way to enter into college. I’m ready to conquer some mountains, freezing lakes and leeches with y’all! If you have any questions at all or just wanna chat, email me at


I can’t wait to meet ya!


LucyHEYYY SCOOPIES! I’m Lucy and I’m a PA for Wilderness Hiking. I’m so excited to meet you all and spend some time hiking and getting to know each other. I study Psychology and Environmental Studies, but during my free time I loooove to go on trips with the Outing Club and tromp around in the North Woods. Doing SCOOP was one of the best decisions I made coming into my first year at Skidmore, and I’m so happy you get to experience it too! Get ready to have a blast outside. I’m excited to meet you, and if you have any questions or just want to say hi (which would make me super happy and excited!) feel free to email me at


Hello!! I'm Eli and I'm from a really small town in Western Mass called Warwick (if you know it exists, I probably know you). I'll be doing the H2O scoop trip- who's gonna get soaked rafting this year?? My favorite fruit is raspberries and I LOVE being outside in the sun. Ultimate frisbee is probably the best sport on the planet and if you're on my scoop, we'll definitely throw some discs. I love meeting new people so if you wanna shoot me an email about anything, my email is Can't wait to see people in August!!


Elodie '21


My name is Elodie Keating and I’m so excited to be a PA on H2O this year! Doing SCOOP is the best decision I made and it’s the best decision you made too! All my closest friends are either from SCOOP or through friends I made on SCOOP! I can’t wait to eaElodiet some great granola and complain about the cold with you! If you have any questions or want to chat shoot me an email ( or find me on the webs! I’m literally only thinking about meeting you on SCOOP so please talk about it with me!



Arianna '20


My name is Arianna, and I can’t wait to be a PA for SCOOP this year! On campus you can find me at the racquetball courts losing a game, wandering around Northwoods, or just nonstop laughing anywhere. SCOOP is the best way to meet people and go on beautiful outdoor adventures, and you won’t regret signing up. Looking forward to meeting all of my SCOOPies! 


Sophia '22



Hellooo SCOOPIES! My name is Sophia, and I’m a rising Sophomore majoring in Business but also studying: Theatre, French, Art, and Dance! This will be my second year in Paddles and Paths, and excitedly my first year as a PA! I’m from the caribbean (Dominican Republic) and a big fan of nature. SCOOP was an incredible experience and such a sweet transition to SKIDMORE. On campus I am a member of Student Government (I was First Year Class President and I am currently running for Executive Vice President), an actress in the JKB, and a member of RAICES (Skidmore’s Latinx club). I like to paint/draw, watch movies, dance, and hangout with my fraaands! I can’t wait to hear all your stories, and share the beautiful views of the Adirondacks with you all! Please email me with any of your inquiries! (



Emily '20


Emily D. You can usually find me dancing awkwardly at inappropriate times, making corny (but hilarious) jokes, and talking excessively about how much I love Spanish. SCOOP was 100% the best decision I made my first year—nothing compares to meeting cool new people in the great outdoors, unplugged with zero distractions. Get ready for the best (and only??) three days before your first year of college of your life!  

Andrew '21

Howdy, I’m Andrew. Do you enjoy sitting while moving? Often finding yourself doing arm day everyday? Then canoeing might be right for you! It’s really going to rock the boat this year on our canoeing trip. On campus I’m an economics major with a business minor and I also run the ice hockey club. I really enjoy hiking and canoeing and just spending time outside and SCOOP is such a great place for that as well as making new friends. If you have any questions feel free to email me at





Joe '21

Hey everyone I'm Joe and I am so excited to be your PA! I'm from northern Maine and this will be my second time as a PA. Some of my favorite things to do are playing with my dog, trail-running, and appreciating cool trees! I am so happy that you all decided to do SCOOP because in my opinion it is by far the greatest thing about Skidmore and maybe the world. During SCOOP you will have fun, make friends, and hang out with the coolest upperclassmen on campus (your wonderful PAs). When I'm not doing SCOOP-related things you can find me on the third floor of Tisch (history department), Bloomfield Farms (home of our AWESOME polo club), or in the Daniel's Road State Forest (a hidden gem right next to campus). I cannot wait to meet you all and if you have any questions feel free to reach me at If not I'll see you soon!


Emily '20


Hey everyone! I’m Emily (rising senior—eeek!) and double-majoring in education and psychology. Welcome to SCOOP! I am psyched (haha get it cause I'm a psych major) to be a PA for Nanuna this year. It is one of the best decisions I’ve made at my time at Skidmore, and I can’t wait to meet all of you! Get ready for an unforgettable four days out in nature before your freshman year! Feel free to email me ( with any questions or really anything at all! See ya soon!



Tom '22


Hi my name is Tom Duncan and I'll be PAing H2O as a sophomore. I haven't decided my major but i'm thinking about sociology and economics. I love playing basketball and foraging at D-hall. I chose to go on a SCOOP trip last year and I'm really glad I did because it was a great way to ease into the school year and make some great friends. I can't wait to get back out there!

Dante '22




 Ayooooo. what up scoopies Im Dante, a rising sophomore from Boston(but a New Hampshire baby at heart). Scoop was easily one of the smartest choice, your about to have a big time blast on it. If you dig the outdoors and doing some crazy wood stuff your in the exact right spot. Im your dude when it comes to taking about anything random. Get pumped for this baller Scoop trip, we about to have some fun. 


Heather  '22


Hello friends! My name is Heather and I'll be a PA on Wilderness Canoeing! Yay boats!!! I'm from southern NH, and I'll be a rising sophomore at Skidmore majoring in Chemistry and also minoring in Environmental Science and/orHeather Geoscience (not really sure yet, just trying to save this beautiful planet we live on). When I'm not in class or wishing I was on SCOOPity doopity, I love to hike, listen/scream sing to jamming music in my green punch buggy, and laugh really loud. Get ready to have a blast, sing whilst paddling, and enjoy being outside in the Adirondacks! Also, feel free to reach out to me at if you have any questions. Happy SCOOPing! 


Brook '22



Hey SCOOPies!! My name is Brook and I’m from Vermont! I am a rising sophomore planning to major in sociology and minor in environmental studies. I am BEYOND excited to be a PA for NAHUNA (literally like I can’t stop talking about it)!! Like a true Vermonter, I love the outdoors and can’t wait for this next adventure with you!! Fun fact: This picture was taken in Ireland in the same spot where a scene for the movie Leap Year was filmed! Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions at  

 NicoleNicole '22


Hey future SCOOPIES!! I’m Nicole and will be a sophomore in the fall. I’m from Massachusetts and am super stoked to be back doing SCOOP!! (I met two of my best friends on SCOOP, it’s awesome, trust me) I plan to be an anthropology major and a chemistry minor on a pre-med track but besides all that I’m also on the women’s rowing team. More importantly, I’m a PA for Wilderness Hiking and Canoeing!! I super excited to meet all you new Skid kids and have some fun hiking around and hanging in boats! If you have any questions or just want to say hi, feel free to email me at



 Annabelle '22Annabelle


My name is Anabelle and I am SUPER excited to be a SCOOP PA for H20!!!! I am a rising sophomore most likely going to be a social work and dance double major and potentially an english minor if I can fit it all in?! I went on SCOOP last year and met all of my best friends there! I am super excited to meet you all and help you through the ~transition~ to college!! Feel free to email me with any and all questions (!!!! GET EXCITED!!!!



Hi everyone!!! I’m Gabriella and I’ll be a sophomore this fall. Going on SCOOP was BY FAR the best decision I could have made going into my freshman year. It’s such a fun way to meet new freshmen and the PAs are usually pretty cool too J It’s also really nice to have familiar faces when you get back to campus. I’ll be a PA for Paddles and Paths, which is the program I was on last year. You should absolutely join, I promise we’ll have fun J You can email me at with any questions about SCOOP, college in general, or even if you just want to say hi! Can’t wait to meet you guys!!


ElianaHeyooo SCOOPies!! I’m Eliana and I am so excited to be a PA for Wilderness Canoeing this summer. I’m a rising sophomore from just outside Philadelphia and will most likely be an Environmental Science major, Political Science minor. SCOOP was such a fantastic experience for me, I met some of my best friends, had heaps of fun, and came into Skidmore feeling at least *a little* less lost and confused. I promise I’ve never capsized a boat before and I’ll try my best to make sure this isn’t the year for it if you come canoeing with me :) Email me with any questions, comments, fun facts, etc. at, can’t wait to meet you all!


"Hellooo! I’m Christopher and I will be part of the Paddle and Paths group! I will be going into my sophomore year and will probably major in business and minor in theater! On our hikes through the wilderness you will never be bored because we will always have crazy activities ready for you. I am extremely ready to become your PA because I know that SCOOP for me has been one of my best experiences ever! HaHoHe"


Have a great rest of your summer!

Christopher Kalleja



These past peer advisors are on the path to great things!

Linnea ‘19

WHY MUST YOU GRADUATE, you were a professional SCOOPER!!!!!!

Linnea '19Hello my friends!!! My name is Linnea (Lin) and I’m so stoked for my third year at SCOOOOOOP with Paddles and Paths! I’m an English and environmental studies double major. I work as a tutor in the Writing Center and as an s-rep for the Sustainability Office, I do website design for WSPN (Skid’s college radio station), and am your resident aggressive environmentalist. Likes include crocs w/ socks, being outside, pinecones, the Grateful Dead, people who carry large dogs in their purse on the subway, reading, hiking, and veggies. You’re all about to embark on a really amazing journey filled with lots of snuggles, sunrises, stargazing, and new friendships :)

Some of my favorite college memories are from the magical times I had under the trees and stars at SCOOP, smelly socks and all :) Please please email me ( if you want to chat about anything or talk about our feelings or send fun pics of hedgehogs wearing hats to each other! See you so soon! <3

Sav '19

My on-campus daughter, who will visit me all the time now? Keep on snapchatting me!!!

SavHi guys! 

my names sav and i’m one of the scoop leaders for NAHUNA. I’ll be a senior this year and i can’t wait to lead you on this rad adventure. i am a finance major, pres of women in business and a part of skid row! i did nahuna when i was a freshman and have lead it ever since. I can’t wait to spend a few nights getting smelly, hanging outside, and doing yoga in one of upstate new york’s arguably greatest outdoor adventures!! i can’t wait for y’all to get a great PISA (piece of) SKID!!! 

Rebecca ‘19

Good luck in your new chapter of life and thanks for making the hoe-down so special!

Rebecca S, 2019Welcome to Skidmore and to SCOOP! As a first-year, participating in SCOOP was an amazing experience, thanks to the incredible people, the unforgettable late nights and campfires, the crazy times and the beautiful environment of the Adirondacks. I hope to share this same magical experience with all of you! I am an English major and science nerd who loves being outdoors, looking at the stars and playing fiddle music.

Can’t wait to meet you all! In the meantime, enjoy this photo of me chilling with some rocks.  


Bradley '19 

Say it isn't so Brad, SCOOP will never be the same!


What’s up SCOOPies!!! My name is Bradley, I’m going to be a senior this year! I am an Environmental Studies and Science major with a minor in Media and Film Studies. I spent last semester studying abroad in Iceland at an Ecovillage called Sólheimar! This will be my third year leading the Rock and River trip and my fourth year participating! I love scoop so much and I can’t wait till I get the chance to meet you all!  


Adrian '19 

Oh how i will miss you sassy boy!!!!!

AdrianHey everyone! My name is Adrian, and I'm a member of the Class of 2019. I wanted to participate in SCOOP because the program helped me feel so much more comfortable when I first came to school and introduced me to some of my best friends. So I wanted to help share this great experience with other people as well. I can't wait for the amazing journey we have ahead of us, and I look forward to seeing you soon!


James '19

JamesEricksonHi everyone! My name is James, I am going to be a senior this year, which is crazy and scary because it feels like just yesterday that I was heading into my first year beginning with SCOOP! I love anything and everything outdoors especially skiing—this is a picture of me skiing in February of 2018 in Zermatt, Switzerland, when I was abroad ... an amazing and beautiful place! Can't wait to meet everyone on SCOOP!

Becca '19

BeccaHey SCOOPies! My name’s Becca (class of 2019) and I’ll be leading wilderness hiking and canoeing! I took this trip as a freshman and I and am so excited to be leading it now! I can’t wait to share all of the mosquito bites, wet socks and cramped tents with you! If you have any questions,feel free to reach out. 

Happy camping.

PS the chameleon’s name is Jean Luc.


Erin '19

Erin Mah"HEY future SCOOPies! My name is Erin and I’ll be a senior this fall (AHHHH!). I'll be your peer advisor on Rock and River (arguably the best SCOOP trip out there). Deciding to go on SCOOP my freshman year was the best decision ever.  I’m so excited to get smelly with all of you in the fall! Here’s a picture of me hiking in Ireland! SEE YOU ALL SOON! "