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Skidmore Retirees


President Marc C. Conner and Barbara Reyes-Conner

President Marc C. Conner and Barbara Reyes-Conner

Skidmore College holds retirement and retirees in great honor.  Retirement is a major stage in one’s life, filled with its own challenges and opportunities.  In retirement, one’s relationship to the College changes, but it does not weaken.  Skidmore continues to welcome the views, perspectives, and counsel of its retirees, and of course your participation in the intellectual and cultural life of the College always continues.  If you are just beginning to plan for retirement, we hope the resources offered on this website will help with that process of discernment and planning.  If you have already entered into retirement, please stay in touch and maintain your relationship with Skidmore both through virtual/distance opportunities and through in-person events and activities.  We warmly invite you to attend any of the events that are featured here—or any campus event that happens to be of interest.  As a Skidmore retiree, you will always be a part of the Skidmore family. So please do stay connected!    


Marc C. Conner

2021 Retirees

  • John Anzalone
  • Pola Baytelman
  • Patricia Bosen
  • Stephen Dinyer
  • Debra Fernandez
  • Charlene Freiberger
  • Lynn Herriman
  • Hédi Jaouad
  • Alan Keech
  • Colleen Kelly
  • Michele Koskinen
  • Mary Ellen Kokoletsos
  • Penny Loretto
  • Debra Madden
  • Raymond Mahoney
  • William Martin
  • Leslie Mechem
  • Barbara Norelli
  • Jesse Oliver
  • Robert Pierce
  • Tracy Riley
  • Janet Sorensen
  • Earl Taylor
  • James Tucci
  • Susan Walzer
  • Bonnie Wheeler

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2022 Events

Details will be sent to retiree-list in advance of each event: 

  • May 26, 5:00 PM: “Wine, Cheese and Chat” reception and presentation by grant recipients at the Surrey Williamson Inn.  

Learn more about these and other events here