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President Marc C. Conner and Barbara Reyes-Conner

President Marc C. Conner and Barbara Reyes-Conner

Skidmore College holds retirement and retirees in great honor.  Retirement is a major stage in one’s life, filled with its own challenges and opportunities.  In retirement, one’s relationship to the College changes, but it does not weaken.  Skidmore continues to welcome the views, perspectives, and counsel of its retirees, and of course your participation in the intellectual and cultural life of the College always continues.  If you are just beginning to plan for retirement, we hope the resources offered on this website will help with that process of discernment and planning.  If you have already entered into retirement, please stay in touch and maintain your relationship with Skidmore both through virtual/distance opportunities and through in-person events and activities.  We warmly invite you to attend any of the events that are featured here—or any campus event that happens to be of interest.  As a Skidmore retiree, you will always be a part of the Skidmore family. So please do stay connected!    


Marc C. Conner

2020 Retirees

  • Mark Bauer
  • Barbara Beck
  • Ella Burns
  • Gautam Dasgupta
  • Mary DiSanto-Rose
  • Catherine Domozych
  • Thomas Dussault
  • Judith Halstead
  • Linda Hofmann
  • David Karp
  • Colleen Manning
  • Donna Marcason
  • Brien Muller
  • Anne Patterson
  • Patricia Poirier
  • Michael West
  • Eleanor Williams
  • Martha Wiseman

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Computer Graphics and 3-D Printing or the End of Intelligent Life as We Know It
May 12, 2021
4/4:30 p.m.
On-line via Zoom

An exploration of both the artistic possibilities and the philosophical problems of 3-D printing and related technological marvels.  Presenter John Cunningham retired from the Skidmore Art Department in 2017, after serving the college for a record-making 50 years.  The Zoom room will open at 4:00 PM for socializing (BYOB), catching up with old friends and welcoming new retirees, followed at 4:30 by John’s presentation and Q&A. To receive the Zoom link, RSVP by noon on May 10 to   

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