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Skidmore College
Religious Studies Department


The academic study of religion is necessarily interdisciplinary insofar as religion intersects with so many different aspects of human existence. With a view toward globalized cultural literacy, our students investigate how religions shape and are shaped by culture, society and the environment from multiple theoretical perspectives, including History of Religion, Philosophy of Religion, Feminism and Gender Studies, Postcolonial Studies, Cultural Studies, Environmental Studies, Literary Theory, Art History, Anthropology, Sociology and Psychology of Religion. Encompassing the study of literate and non-literate societies, our courses investigate the richness and complexity of religious traditions, be they indigenous, Western, or Asian in origin. Our students engage questions at the heart of the human effort to understand and represent the self, society, the world, and immanent and transcendent realities.


Eliza Kent

lucia hulsether

Assistant Professor

Office:  Ladd 210
Phone:  (518) 580-8404

Eliza Kent

Eliza Kent

Professor & Department Chair

Office:  Ladd 209
Phone:  (518) 580-5405

Ryan Overbey

Ryan Richard Overbey

Robert H.N. Ho Family Foundation Assistant Professor in Buddhist Studies

Office:  Ladd 212
Phone:  (518) 580-5412

Xander Prince

Alexandra "Xander" Prince

Visiting Assistant Professor

Office:   Ladd 205B

Greg Spinner

Gregory Spinner

Teaching Professor

Office:   Ladd 205A
Phone:  (518) 580-8406

Mary Zeis Stange

Mary Zeiss Stange

Professor Emeritus