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Skidmore College
Religious Studies Department


Minimal requirements for a major in religious studies are the general college requirements, plus completion of nine courses, which must include either RE 103 or RE 105, RE 241, and RE 375 (must be taken in the senior year). RE 375 fulfills the writing requirement in the major and the senior coda. Normally, eight of these must be selected from the religion offerings (RE or PR). The remaining one (or under extenuating circumstances two) course(s) may be selected from a list of courses from other disciplines that has been authorized by the religion faculty or may be a course approved by the Religious Studies department Chair taken at another institution. At least four of the total courses for the major must be at the 300 level (minimum 3 credits each). Courses must total at least 30 credit hours and should ideally represent, in a way to be determined in consultation with the faculty advisor, a genuine diversity of traditions.

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Declaration of Major Form