Apartment Housing Selection has concluded for the 2017-2018 Academic Year.

This page will be updated with information pertaining to the selection process for the 2018-2019 in January 2018. 

Apartment Housing Selection for 2017-2018

The Apartment Housing Selection process is for any student that is hoping to live in one of our on-campus apartments. Skidmore College has two apartment villages offering housing in two, three, four, and five person apartments. Each fully furnished apartment has an appropriately equipped kitchen, common space, and shared bathroom facilities. Students living in the apartments are not required to be on a meal plan, but may choose from various suitable options available.

Students interested in living in one of our apartment villages are encouraged to read up to make sure they do not miss any important information pertaining to the Apartment Selection Process.



Apartment Housing Selection will take place between March 21st and 30th for the 2017-2018 selection year. Below is a table of more specific dates and deadlines

  Date Location
Apartment Worksheets Due Fri, Feb. 24th @4:30pm Office of Residential Life    
Apartment Selection Times Released Week of Mar. 6th-10th Skidmore Email
Selection - Group Average 4.0 Tue, Mar. 21st @5-9pm     2nd Floor Dining Hall
Selection - Group Average 3.8 - 3.0 & 4.0 Regroups Fri, Mar. 24th @5-9pm
Mon, Mar. 27th @5-9pm
2nd Floor Dining Hall
Selection - Group Average 2.8 - 2.0 & 4.0 - 3.0 Regroups     Thurs, Mar. 30th @5-9pm 2nd Floor Dining Hall



The Apartment Housing Selection process contains the following steps.



To be eligible at selection night every group member must complete the following requirements:

-Submit a Worksheet (one per group)
-Complete Housing Application
-Complete any outstanding Student Conduct sanctions
-Pay any outstanding charges on student account
-Not be registered to study abroad in the Fall semester

Further there is a restriction by class year on what apartments are available. Students in the Class of 2020 are only eligible to live in Sussman Village A & B. Sussman Village A & B apartments consist of only 5 Person apartments. Therefore any groups containing members of the Class of 2020 must be 5 person groups.



Selection Times

Selection Times are the time that a group will be permitted to select housing. Groups will not be permitted to select prior to their selection time. Additionally, groups that are not present at selection at their selection time will not be waited for and will be skipped. Groups that missed their selection time will be permitted to select as soon as they arrive at selection.

Selection Times are decided by ordering all groups that submit Apartment Worksheets by their Class Average and then their best Lottery Number. Groups with the highest (furthest from zero) Class Average and the lowest (closest to zero) lottery number select first.

For more information on Lottery Numbers and Class Averages please see the following document regarding these topics, Understanding Your Class Year and Lottery Number 17-18.


Regrouping is designed for students that find themselves unable to select at their initial apartment selection time (i.e. group ineligibility or invalid application). This process will permit these students to create a new group to select an apartment.

Regrouping will occur twice, once after the conclusion of selection for 4.0 groups and again after the conclusion of selection for 4.0 regroups and 3.8-3.0 groups. Students will have an application period running from the conclusion of selection for the above mentioned groups until 4:00 pm on the day before the next selection night. Students who regroup will receive new selection times by noon on the day of selection.

Late Worksheets

Any worksheets not received by the Office of Residential Life in hand, by fax, or email by 4:30pm on Friday, February 24th will be considered late. Late worksheets will be held and included as part of the Regrouping process for that Group's Class Average.

Adding and Dropping Group Members

After the Apartment Worksheet deadline groups may not add or drop group members. If a group wishes to change their group make up after this date they will need to submit a new worksheet for inclusion in the Regrouping Process.


As the apartment selection process is in person students who are abroad, on-leave or otherwise unavailable at their selection time (in class, in a meeting, in practice, working, etc.) will need to assign someone who can be at selection to choose their housing for them. This can be any other student or the Office of Residential Life.

With the group organization of Apartment Selection this can be greatly simplified. Each group needs to only identify one Proxy or "Group Representative" for selection. This person should be listed on your group's Apartment Worksheet. This person can then serve as the Proxy for all group members. If any group members are available to attend a selection they can serve as the Group Representative, no other Proxy's will need to be assigned.

If you need to change your Group Representative after submission of your worksheet please contact the Office of Residential Life.

Apartment Availability

There are a finite number of apartments on campus available to student housing. There will be no more than the following number of apartments by size:

*Not all apartments of these types may be open during selection. Actual number will vary.

Once all apartments of any given type are selected the applications of all groups of those sizes will become invalid.

For more information on our Apartments please see the following documents

Northwoods Village Apartment Facts
Sussman Village Apartment Facts



What's my likelihood of getting an apartment?

Unfortunately this is not a question we can give a definitive answer. Many factors play into whether or not a student will get an apartment (group size, group class average, member eligibility, apartment availability, what other groups select, etc.). As a result it is very difficult to tell any group whether or not they will get what they are looking for.

Our recommendation, to students for who getting an apartment is the top priority, is to look at numbers of apartments available and consider their group make up to give them the best odds of getting a space.

As a bit of reference during selection for the 2016-2017 academic year apartment sizes became unavailable at the numbers listed below. Please know that this is meant only to help you gage your group size choice. There is no guarantee that apartment sizes will not become unavailable before or after the numbers they did last year.

Apartment Size          Class Average          Group Lottery Number          Selection Night
2 Person


352 Night 1 - 4.0 Groups
3 Person 3.66 11 Night 2 - 3.8-3.0 Groups
4 Person 3.0 879 Night 3 - 3.8-3.0 Groups
5 Person 3.0 987 Night 4 - 4.0-3.0 Regroup

I am abroad/on-leave how do I select?

If you are abroad/on-leave you will need to have a proxy select for you. See the section above on Proxy's for more information.

I have class at my selection time. What should I do?

If you have class at your selection time you should go to class. Assign a proxy to choose your apartment for you. See the section above on Proxy's for more information.

I am planning on studying abroad in the Fall but I have not yet been approved. Can I pick?

If you have submitted an application to study abroad in the Fall 2017 you may not participate in Apartment Selection. If your plans to study abroad do not work out and you still wish to live in the apartments, you will need to select a room in the Residence Halls as part of the Residence Hall Room Selection process and then apply for a room change to the apartments.

I am not sure if I want to live On-Campus or Off-Campus. Can I still move Off-Campus if I pick an apartment?

No. Once you select an On-Campus space, Apartment or Residence Hall, you are expected to live On-Campus for the entire 2017-2018 academic year or until which time you fall below full-time status (12 Credits), take a leave, go abroad, withdraw or graduate.

One of my group members is not eligible to select. What do we do?

If at selection you find one of your group members is not eligible to select you will not be able to select that evening. You will need to either form a new group or make sure your group member who was not eligible clears up the issue and reapply for the Regroup process.