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Residential Life

Residential Education

Residential Education is a key component of our purpose in the Office of Residential Life. We pride ourselves on offering educational opportunites beyond the classroom, while ensuring that students have many opportunites to connect with one another, and the resources around them. 

Events for Students

Planned programs

Resident Assistants plan multiple programs for the residents of the floor. Each program has an educational component, such as Sustainability, Social Justice, and Social Responsibility.

The Office of Residential Life also programs on a variety of topics throughout the year. I Won't Stand For is one of our larger events, pictured on the right. During this event, students identify behaviors and topics they wish to challenge. Frequent examples include "I Won't Stand For Homophobia," "Hate Speech," etc.

I Won't Stand For event
Bulletin Board for Women's History Month
Education in the Halls

Bulletin Boards

Resident Assistants create beautiful bulletin boards once per month for their floor communities. These bulletin boards are always educational in nature and cover a range of topics including Fire Safety, Wellbeing, and Gender and Inclusivity.

Pictured on the left is a bulletin board completed by an RA for Women's History Month with information about prominent female figures throughout history. Be sure to stop and take a look at the board on your floor!

Opportunities for floor engagement

Floor Meetings

Resident Assistants hold roughly one floor meeting per month. During these times, they share important information about what is occurring on campus. For example, in November they speak to their residents about closing procedures and how to get their room ready for break. 

These floor meetings are also a great time for the community to come together and continue to get to know one another!


Floor Meeting

RA Team
Meet our Team

Resident Assistants

As you can see the Resident Assistants power much of our Residential Education program. They are the peer leaders living in the halls. They've been trained to assist students through every step of residential living.

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