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Skidmore College
Residential Life

Apartment Villages

Our two apartment areas offer housing to returning students in three-, four-, and five-person apartments. Each fully furnished apartment has an appropriately equipped kitchen, common space and shared bathroom facilities. Students living in the apartments are not required to be on a meal plan, but may choose from various options available.

The apartment areas are supervised by an Area Coordinator (AC). Each neighborhood in our villages has a Community Assistant (CA).

Northwoods Village 


Sussman Village


Res Life and Housing Policies

The Residential Life Handbook is a comprehensive guide outlining the policies set in place that we hold students accountable for as residents of our campus.

Packing List: What to Bring and What Not to Bring

Many national retailers offer "what to bring" lists for a college room/apartment. However, these lists often include prohibited and/or dangerous items. Please review the Apartment Packing List to see how you should prepare for living in an apartment.

FAQs for Living in the Apartments

Residence hall rooms and apartments will be available for occupancy as specified by the Skidmore College Academic Calendar (published through the Office of the Registrar) each academic year. Students who arrive early without authorization or without being sponsored by a college official or office will be subject to a $250/day room and board charge and/or may be asked to leave the college until the semester opens.

The apartments have no indoor common areas, but Northwoods Village has a central volleyball court with a BBQ and bonfire pit.

Each apartment is equipped with an oven/stove, refrigerator, and microwave (Northwoods and Sussman Apartments F-L also include a dishwasher).

In the apartment villages, it is the residents' responsibility to clean their apartments and bedrooms.  Housekeepers do clean the laundry rooms.

The Office of Residential Life publishes a Handbook annually with all of the polices and procedures that come with living as part of a community. Please see our Residential Life Handbook for information on policies and procedures.

There are designated dumpsters in the apartment areas for students to bring their refuse. Trash is picked up throughout the week. It is the responsibility of the students to remove trash from their apartments.

Students can have guests. For the most up to date expectatiosn and guest policy, please consult the Handbook and College emails and expectations.

The college does not accept responsibility for any theft or losses in student rooms, storage closets, storage areas or anywhere in college buildings or on campus at any time, either during terms or during one of the breaks. This applies to any damage from water, steam, soot, smoke, fire or any other destruction. It is advised that all students be certain that they are protected by their family's homeowner's insurance.

Gallagher Koster Student Personal Property Insurance, a company not affiliated with the College, does provide personal property insurance plans for individual students.  CLICK HERE to download their 2011 personal-property brochure.

Students are permitted to sign up to host gatherings in their apartments. More details will be coming soon.

Pets, except for fish (maximum tank size: 10 gallons), are not allowed in the apartments. Students found in violation of this policy will be charged a cleaning fee, and the pet must be removed from the apartment immediately.

With proper documentation and approval through the special housing accommodations committee, approved emotional support animals are permitted. Service animals are always permitted.