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Jonsson Tower

Student Summer Housing Overview

We are thrilled you are planning on joining us on campus this summer!  Whether you are taking a class, doing research or working to support our campus, Skidmore and Saratoga Springs are the places to be for an unforgettable summer!

How to Apply

  1. Review Student Summer Housing Dates.
  2. Submit an Online Application. Once signed into OKTA click the "StarRez Portal" tile.  Choose the Summer Application.
  3. Please contact us immediately to request any changes to be made to your housing dates after the timeframe has passed to edit your application. 

Summer Student Housing is available to

  • Students enrolled in Skidmore College Summer Sessions Classes for credit
  • Students participating in Summer Collaborative Research
  • Students enrolled in a Skidmore sponsored internship or Skidmore Independent Study for credit
  • Student employees working on campus (undergraduates only)
  • May graduates must meet the criteria above to qualify for summer housing.  Please review the May Graduates information before applying. 
  • On-Campus housing is not available to visiting students. 
  • Students who do not meet the eligibility requirements listed above, but have a compelling reason to stay for any portion of the summer are invited to email Res Life.


Summer Student Housing is assigned to Sussman Village F-L as well as single and double rooms in Jonsson Tower.   Jonsson Tower Kitchenettes include a refrigerator, microwave and sink.  Students living in Jonsson Tower are required to purchase a meal plan, see additional details regarding Meal Plans below.

Important Dates for Summer 2024

  • March 1: Summer Sessions course registration opens
  • March 1: Summer Housing Application opens (On-campus housing is not available to visiting students)
  • April 15: Housing Application deadline for Summer 2024
  • Summer housing is available for the following dates and will be billed for the full 5 or 10 weeks, regardless of arrival/departure date:
  1. Session 1 - May 26th – June 29th (5 weeks)
  2. Session 2 - June 30 – Aug 3 (5 weeks)
  3. Session 1 + 2 - May 26th – Aug 3 (10 weeks)
  • Students must depart housing at the end of their class, research, or internship.
  • Summer housing outside of these dates are considered exceptions and must be pre-approved. 
  • Students approved to stay in campus housing for less than 5 weeks will be housed in Jonsson Tower. 
  • See below for early arrival or late departure exceptions. 

Early Arrival

  • All students approved to stay on campus after May 10th must be sponsored by a department for Senior Week (May 12-18), fill out a senior week application, and receive approval from Residential Life.  Contact with questions about senior week sponsorship.
  • Students approved to stay during the spring to summer transitions (May 19-25) must not leave campus until they are moved to their summer assignment.

Late Departure

  • Summer housing ends on August 3rd to allow time for the college to ready campus housing for the fall semester.
  • Students that must stay in housing after August 3rd must be sponsored by a department and receive approval (for example international students and on-campus employees).
  • After August 17th you must be sponsored for fall early arrival housing if you wish to transition to your fall housing. 
  • Contact for late departure or early fall arrival questions.

Move-In and Move-Out Dates

See more information about dates in the Summer Calendar.

Additional Information

Summer Housing Rates

For information about rates view our Summer Housing Rates page.

Summer Meal Plans

Students living in Jonsson Tower will be required to have a meal plan.  Students living in apartments may purchase an optional meal. Meal plan options will vary from a full unlimited meal plan to a smaller limited meal plan option to meet everyone's needs.  For information about Meal Plans view our Summer Meal Plan page.

Housing Cancellation Deadlines and No Shows

  • Summer Room Charges will be posted to your student account mid-summer.
  • Students wishing to cancel their housing must request a cancellation by May 14 for Session 1 arrival, or by June 18 for Session 2 arrival.  Cancellations must be submitted to  Cancellations after those dates will incur a $250 cancellation fee.

  • Students enrolled in Summer Session classes who cancel their housing during the add/drop period as a result of dropping a summer session class will be charged a cancellation fee of $250. Refer to Summer Session Calendar for add/drop dates.

Summer Storage Option:

  • Storage Scholars is the preferred moving, storage and shipping partner of Skidmore College.  Refer to Storage Scholars for details.
  • Financial assistance is available for summer storage for those students with a demonstrated financial need.  Please contact to inquire if you qualify for financial subsidies. 

Questions, Clarifications, Concerns? Please Contact Us!