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Community Living
Residential Education

Residential Education

Area Coordinators and Resident Assistants lead programming efforts in the halls and on each floor community to ensure that students get the most out of their time in housing. We program on topics such as Social Responsibility, Wellbeing, Sustainability, and Social Justice. These programmatic efforts serve to bring communities together and offer opportunities for further learning. Our value of Holistic Development is reflected in our efforts to provide students with opportunities to better understand their peers and the spaces  they inhabit. 

Education in Halls
Student Handbook
Student Handbook

Student Handbook

The co-curricular and residential programs at Skidmore consider students to be adults ready to take responsibility for their learning, the quality of their social environment, and their daily life. We promote responsible community membership and positive relationships through the values of honesty, integrity, and consideration. We do this by educating students on the impact of their behavior, promoting thoughtful decision-making, and encouraging them to become engaged and responsible citizens of the Skidmore Community and beyond.

Student Handbook
Student Housing
Student Housing

Student Housing

One of our office's greatest hopes is that you will find a home here. In the pursuit of that goal, we manage our student housing on campus. Incoming students receive a questionnaire in early June with questions about lifestyle and preferences that assist us in matching them with roommates and sending their assignments out in late July. Returning students have the opportunity to select their housing in March and April through the selection process. We also work with Facilities to ensure rooms are ready for students and issues that arise are resolved. 

Student Housing
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What is Residential Life
Residential Life encompasses every aspect of living within a community on campus. As a liberal arts residential campus, Skidmore places great emphasis on cultivating positive experiences both inside and outside of the campus. A large portion of your college career will be spent in our residence halls or apartments. As an office we are here to help you navigate your college experience and balance your academics with your personal pursuits. We hope to become your home away from home!



Living with Others
Community Living

Community living is a key component of your education at a residential college. There are many benefits to community living, but it can also present challenges to those unaccustomed to it. Our goal is to help students take advantage of the many opportunities, and work through any challenges that arise.

As an office, we place great value in holistic development. This means that we wish to assist students in learning inside, and outside, the classroom. One of the best places to experience this development is in the residence halls, where students will learn how to live with others who may not hold similar values, beliefs, or ideals. Resident Assistants and Area Coordinators are there to help ensure that students learn to voice their ideas without harming others, and how to advocate for themselves without ignoring the feelings of their community.


RA Staff
Staff and Resources
Who can help?
Residential Life has an incredible team of professional and student staff. Our Resident Assistants are present on every floor of every hall, and well trained to answer any question! RAs are supervised by our professional Area Coordinators who work in our main office in Rounds Hall. ACs are there to help students navigate and challenges they may face. We also have Assistant Directors and an Administrative Assistant in the office who are always happy to help. Stop by, call, or email us with any questions.


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