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Residential Life

Residence Hall Room Selection Process

This information is updated as of July 7.

The residence hall room selection process allows students to select housing within one of our nine on-campus residence halls.

This process requires that you take a number of factors into consideration in order to have a successful process. Please refer to the information provided to you from the Office of Residential Life, including this page, information found on the housing selection page of the Office of Residential Life website, and emails from the Office of Residential Life for information on this process.



During the 2020 - 2021 the residence hall room selection process will take place online via the Skidmore College Housing Management System

Every student eligible for residence hall room selection will receive a selection time for this process. A student's selection time will designate the earliest time that they will be able to access the system to select. Students will be able to access the system to select any time after their selection time; however, it is important to know that students will continue to enter the system and if you sign on late, your options may be limited.

Residence Hall Room Selection for the 2020-21 process will proceed in the following order:

  • Selection Times Released - July 27
  • Class of 2021 - July 28
  • Class of 2022 - July 28
  • Class of 2023 - July 29 - 31


The residence hall room selection process for the 2020-21 academic year contains the following steps. 

Students should consult our Housing How-To's page for instructions on completing any steps of the process.

  • Complete the 2020-21 on-campus housing application. 
  • All students participating in residence hall room selection must complete the on campus housing application. Students will not be able to select a room until this is completed.
  • This application is available on the Skidmore College Odyssey HMS website.
  • All eligible students will receive a selection time from the Office of Residential Life. Students will need to access the Skidmore College Odyssey HMS website at, or after, their selection time to select a room.
  • Students are encouraged to select a room as close to their start time as possible. The process will continue regardless of whether or not they have selected. Delaying selection will only limit housing options.



There are nine residence halls available during the room selection process. Information on each building available can be found here.

Room types

As part of the residence hall room selection process, there are two basic room types available: singles and doubles. Triple rooms are not available as part of the residence hall room selection process.

Within each of the two available types, students will find two sub-types in the housing system.

  • Doubles
    • D, Double: Standard double room. All are the same shape and size as other doubles in their building. Located in all residence halls
    • NSD, Non-standard double: These are double rooms that are either different sizes or shapes from other doubles in their building. These rooms are found in Howe-Rounds, Jonsson Tower and Wait Hall.
  • Singles
    • S, Single: Standard single room.
    • ES, Elevator Single: Elevator singles differ from other singles by being larger than most. There are 12 of these rooms. All are located in Jonsson Tower.

Special Interest Housing

There a number of special-interest housing options in the residence halls. For the 2020-21 academic year, these include:

  • Substance-free
  • Substance-free quiet
  • Quiet floor
  • Women's floor
  • Gender Inclusive
  • Honors Forum
  • Multicultural community
  • Global community
  • PRISM community

For more information on these options, please refer to the Special Interest Housing Selection page.


No. These are just rumors. All returning students, regardless of class year may live in South Quad buildings.

If you have questions about this process, we recommend you refer primarily to information on this website and emails from our office. If you find your questions are not answered in those places, please contact the Office of Residential Life directly.

To find a roommate, you may consider talking to friends, classmates or advertising on Facebook. There is a roommate finder option on the Skidmore College Housing Management System. This may be able to assist you with finding a roommate.

A guide to the roommate finder is also available at the following link: Housing How-To's Page.

Overall, remember that you will not be able to pick a double without a roommate.

Lottery numbers are randomly assigned via our housing software program. More information on this can be found on the Office of Residential Life's room selection webpage under "Understanding Your Class Year and Lottery Number."

You should login to the Housing Management System website and select as soon as you realize you missed your time. Once your access time passes, you will have access to the system anytime during its access hours (9 a.m.– 4 p.m. daily). If access to the residence hall room selection portion of this website has already shut off for the day, be sure to log in as soon as it starts again the next day.

However, know that the process will not stop if you do not select at your assigned time, meaning people with lower lottery numbers may be able to select before you do if you miss your time.

If you do not believe you will be able to access the system during your assigned time, please designate a proxy to select for you.

No. Whether or not you live in a single next year depends on what is available at the time you are scheduled to select. If there is a single room, great! If not, please have a roommate who is interested in living with you. Sophomores typically live in single and double rooms.

The proxy process for residence hall room selection is fully online; however, if you cannot participate, please assign a proxy who can select for you. Two documents have been provided below to help you with this process:

Due to the circumstances we are all facing, the Office of Residential Life has decided to allow students with Fall 2020 study abroad applications to select housing. Students in this situation will be permitted to select double or single rooms and will be part of the normal selection process.

Know that some of these options are more likely than others. The housing system is determined by two factors: class and lottery number, with class being of greatest importance (See Understanding Your Class Year and Lottery Number for more information). Students of higher class standing and with better lottery numbers will select housing first, meaning that the availability of options will become more limited as the process progresses.

To help you understand this, we have ordered the options available to you below, starting with what is most likely so that you know what you should be considering first for housing.

Single room

  • Singles are available to all classes. Some will get them, but not everyone.
  • Elevator singles are available but will close out quickly, as there are very few of these on campus (12 total).
  • If you have selected a prospective roommate, be sure to have talked to your double roommate about this possibility, so they will be able to make other housing plans if you choose a single.

Double room

  • If you are a member of the class of 2023, talk to your friends and make plans to live in a double room. Singles fill up quickly and could become unavailable early on in some buildings. Have a double option ready in case singles become unavailable in your choice of building, or altogether, by your selection time. At room selection, you will not be able to select a double on your own without designating a prospective roommate first, so be sure to do so prior to selection.
  • If your priority is to keep your friend group together, members of your group may want to consider selecting a double with a friend with a poor lottery number to ensure they do not get bumped and need to live elsewhere.

Words to live by:

  • Approach room selection with several possibilities.
  • Rising seniors (2021) will pick first, then rising juniors (2022). Rising sophomores (2023) will have last pick.