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Dean of the Faculty/Vice President for Academic Affairs


December 1, 2006
Gannett Auditorium


President Philip A. Glotzbach called the meeting to order at 3:45 pm. President Glotzbach asked if there were any amendments to the November 3, 2006 Faculty Meeting minutes. Hearing none, he announced that the minutes were approved.


The President’s report included the following:


Interim VPAA Susan Kress reported that at the last meeting she indicated we were in the process of identifying an Interim Dean of Special Programs. Subsequently, she announced that Jeff Segrave was willing to serve. VP Kress gave brief remarks about Jeff’s outstanding credentials. He has been a member of the College since 1978. Not only is he an outstanding teacher and an internationally known scholar of the Olympic Games, but he has also been a beloved tennis coach (whose teams have won countless championships), Director of Physical Education, Athletic Director, Acting Chair of Physical Education and Dance, and then Chair of the subsequently named Department of Exercise Science, Dance, and Athletics. He delivered the 1998 Moseley Lecture, and, in 2005 was appointed to the David H. Porter Chair. It’s this excellence in versatility, this impressive mix of skills, qualifications, achievements, and experiences that make him an exceptional choice for this position. He’s is presently in Singapore to offer the opening and closing remarks at an international symposium on the Olympic Games but VP Kress asked everyone to please congratulate him in absentia.

Interim VP Kress announced that in consultation with appropriate groups and individuals, she has decided to form a study group to look at the whole area of Special Programs and the articulation among its multiple parts. Given the transition in leadership, this seems an opportune moment to look carefully at Special Programs and consider the many implications of the shift in reporting structure—and to clarify some insistent questions before we set forth to hire a Dean next fall. Special Programs has a special place at Skidmore; more than a few would say Special Programs is what makes Skidmore special. In looking closely at Special Programs, its heritage and history, its strengths and possible challenges, and its intriguing new relation to Academic Affairs, this study group will be undertaking an exciting, and deeply important, institutional charge. She anticipates the group will be comprised of folks from Special programs, other administrators, and faculty members. She spoke to FEC yesterday about recruiting faculty members for this task and everyone will be hearing more shortly.

Interim VP Kress stated that we are in the first throes of the budget process and there will be updates soon. For the next Academic Staff meeting, she hopes to follow up on our first session on leadership with a session on planning.

She made the following announcements from Academic Affairs:

Cori Filson, Director of International Programs, received the Professional Development Award at the 56th Institute for the International Education of Students. The award is presented annually to the most dynamic professional in the study-abroad field who has shown great enthusiasm, commitment, and potential for future contribution and achievement.

Mark Woodworth has published Bee Thousand with Continuum Press, the story of the celebrated 1994 album by the alternative-rock group Guided By Voices.

Ngina Chiteji is co-editor of Wealth Accumulation and Communities of Color in the United States published in the Current Issues series by The University of Michigan Press.

The nominations for the Independent Spirit Awards were just announced from Hollywood. “The Illusionist” based on a story by Steven Millhauser, has been nominated for Best Screenplay.


Dean Muriel Poston gave the following announcements:


Professor Adrienne Zuerner, Interim NCAA Faculty Athletic Representative, (Kate Berheide is on sabbatical this year) gave the following report on behalf of the Athletic Council:

The Faculty Athletic Representative is one of the four faculty members on Athletic Council, who, as stipulated by NCAA guidelines, hold the majority of voting seats. The principal role of the Faculty Athletic Representative is to ensure academic integrity of the intercollegiate athletics program and to assume an advisory and reporting role with respect to the academic preparation and performance of student-athletes. The President appoints the Faculty Athletic Representative upon the recommendation of Athletic Council and the approval of FEC.

Adrienne spoke about the successes of our fall teams:

She asked everyone to please join her in congratulating our fall student-athletes and their coaches and in wishing continued success to our winter teams.


CEPP – Beau Breslin – (See attachment)

Beau presented the CEPP amended motion on Tenure Track Lines in ID Programs as this was held over from the last Faculty meeting. The first sentence of the motion has been amended; otherwise there are no significant changes to the motion. Some faculty members raised concerns and questions:

Other faculty members, supporting the motion, made the following points:

After a lengthy discussion the motion carried unanimously.

CAPT – John Berman

John presented the CAPT motions to amend Faculty Handbook language:

Procedures for granting tenure (Part One, Article IX, section E, #6) and promotion (Part One, Article XI, section A, #1h) decisions was presented and passed unanimously. Language approved at the October faculty meeting was questioned by the Academic Affairs Committee of the Board; the committee was particularly concerned about the sentence that reads: “Finally, the President and the CAPT report their recommendations to the Board of Trustees.” This language implies that the Board would be receiving two parallel recommendations; the language is now clarified to make clear that the Board will receive only the President’s recommendation but will be informed as well of the CAPT’s recommendation. (See attachment)


FEC – Dan Curley – (See attachments)

Dan presented a motion on the Faculty Handbook Parts one through five (this will be voted on at the February meeting). Part Six is not ready but should be ready for the February faculty meeting to vote on in March. He will send an email to everyone with the web link for parts one through five for review in preparation for the February Faculty meeting vote. There was one housekeeping change to Part 1, Article X of the handbook also. He thanked Mary Ellen Kokoletsos for all the tracking changes and the work she has completed throughout the year.


The meeting adjourned at 5:00pm.

Respectfully submitted by 

Mary Ellen Kokoletsos
Executive Administrative Assistant
Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs