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Dean of the Faculty/Vice President for Academic Affairs


March 30, 2007
Gannett Auditorium


President Philip A. Glotzbach called the meeting to order at 3:40 pm. President Glotzbach asked if there were any amendments to the February 2, 2007 Faculty Meeting minutes. Hearing none, he announced that the minutes were approved.


The President’s report included the following:


Vice President Susan Kress gave the following report:


President Glotzbach concluded this discussion at 4:05 pm by saying that diversity is indeed the business of the faculty, administration, and the students, and that conversations on this topic will continue with the expectation of additional action. He thanked everyone for their participation.


CEPP Motions:

1. Writing Proposal: Professor Matt Hockenos introduced the motion on the writing proposal. (See Attachment) He announced that CEPP had held a drop-in session. He also reported that CEPP had heard primarily from two groups. CEPP met with Pierre von Kaenel, Chair of Mathematics & Computer Science, who represented the concerns of computer scientists in his department; CEPP hoped these concerns were resolved. CEPP also met with Chair of Art/Art History, Kate Leavitt, as well as members of her department. CEPP recognized that it would be difficult for Studio Art to implement the second component of this proposal, but they believe the proposal is flexible enough to accommodate a variety of solutions. There were no other concerns or questions received from any other departments or majors. CEPP received several positive responses to the proposal.

Professor Hockenos explained the rationale for the editorial amendments to the proposal. A question was raised about why we need a Writing Director, and he indicated that this will be a resource person for maybe two to four years, not a permanent position. The Writing Director will probably be chosen from within the faculty, will have two course releases, and be charged with helping to get the writing requirement off the ground. The Writing Director will meet with every department, help promote a culture of writing on the campus, organize workshops, and assist faculty in their efforts to improve student writing. Individual faculty members from Art History, Studio Art, Physics, English, and various other departments spoke for and against the motion. Dean Muriel Poston reminded everyone that departments will determine the enhanced writing requirement for their majors. Jon Brestoff of SGA, student member of CEPP, commented that students want this writing proposal to pass.

A paper ballot was requested and administered by FEC. The votes were as follows: 60 yes, 59 no, and 2 abstentions. Therefore the motion passed.

2. Proposal to terminate affiliation with Cardozo Law School: Matt Hockenos introduced the motion to terminate our affiliation with Cardozo Law School. (See Attachment) The motion was passed unanimously.

FEC Motion:

Faculty Handbook, Part Six: Professor Curley moved to withdraw the Motion to adopt Part Six of the Faculty Handbook. CAFR and the IGTUF committee had reviewed Part Six and made comments. Further comments came from the students. VP Kress and Dean Poston have been working with members of HR to revise Part Six, but there are several sections still under discussion. Therefore FEC would like to withdraw the motion regarding Part Six of the Faculty Handbook. FEC thanked the Intercultural & Global Understanding Taskforce and CAFR for reviewing the document. FEC also thanked the administration and Human Resources for considering these remarks as well as those of FEC and for their commitment to getting consensus about the policies in Part Six.

VP Kress said there has been discussion with Professor Curley and FEC about including faculty members in the deliberations about Part Six. She believes that collaboration among faculty and administration is necessary for Handbook revisions. She indicated that the group would continue work this year but would not be likely to bring Part Six for a vote until the fall.


CEPP Motion:

Proportional Tenure Track Lines: Beau Breslin introduced the proposal. (See Attachment) He indicated that the motion will be held over to the next Faculty Meeting for a vote.

CAPT Motions:

Writing Proposal:

Michael Ennis-McMillan, Dean of Studies, made a motion about implementation of the recently passed writing proposal. After discussion, this motion was withdrawn.

FEC: CAFR’s proposal on Dismissal of Tenured Faculty – Faculty Handbook – Part One, Article X.

FEC convened a Faculty Caucus meeting last Friday so that CAFR could discuss and receive feedback on this proposal. The consensus at the end of this meeting was that the proposal should be discussed in a “Committee of the Whole” at this faculty meeting. Neither CAFR or FEC is making a formal motion for the faculty to vote on this proposal, but FEC sees this as an opportunity to have a broad discussion on the document. Professor Curley asked for 15 minutes of discussion; the President asked Professor Mark Huibregtse to chair the Committee of the Whole.


The meeting was adjourned at 5:35pm. 

Respectfully submitted, 


Mary Ellen Kokoletsos
Executive Administrative Assistant
Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs