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Dean of the Faculty/Vice President for Academic Affairs

Faculty Meeting

February 8, 2008
Gannett Auditorium



Vice President Kress called the meeting to order at 3:37pm.

Approval of Minutes.

The minutes from the December 7, 2007 meeting, having been previously distributed, were approved with no emendations. (One adjustment was made by FEC after the December 7 meeting and is so noted in the minutes.)

Vice President for Academic Affairs Report – Susan Kress

VP Kress chaired the meeting in the absence of President Glotzbach. This meeting was rescheduled due to bad weather conditions on February 1. The President had hoped to give some general remarks on the state of the College, but he will do that at a later date.

Sue Thomas, Chair of the Board of Trustees sent a message to everyone recently regarding the resignation of John Howley, the Chair of the Board elect. The appropriate committee of the Board is discussing the Board succession, and the committee will report to us in due course. VP Kress expressed gratitude to Ms. Thomas and President Glotzbach for their wise leadership.

The Faculty meeting scheduled for March 7 has been changed to February 29. A notice was sent recently regarding this. After consultation with FEC, VP Kress changed the meeting date because the scheduled date, March 7, is just before the spring break.

The Edwin M. Moseley lecture will be delivered by John Anzalone, Professor of French and Director of MALS, on March 20 in Gannett at 8:00pm. The Moseley lectureship is the highest honor the faculty confers upon one of its own and is a celebration of the very high regard that we have for distinguished faculty achievements. Newer colleagues should know that this is a must-attend lecture. The lecture is titled “From Propaganda to Pity: French Graphic Culture in World War I.”

VP Kress introduced and welcomed Erica Fuller, the new Sustainability Coordinator, who started on February 4. An email announcement was sent detailing her credentials. VP Kress and Vice President for Finance and Administration Michael West thanked the search committee members for their excellent work: Kim Marsella (chair), Sue Van Hook, and Dawn Harfmann ‘10. The Education Foundation of America (EFA) grant made this position possible. Karen Kellogg of Environmental Studies, who is on leave this year, took the lead in writing this grant, supported by Barry Pritzker and by Mike West, Mike Hall, and Kelley Patton-Ostrander.

She thanked Sue Van Hook for her leadership on the successful “Focus the Nation” events held on campus last week.

VP Kress offered remarks on the state of Academic Affairs and the status of various academic plans. Following up on remarks made at the beginning of the year about our academic environment and the many ways to think about that notion, she spoke about what might be required to establish an academic environment that is inclusive, open to productive change, and conducive to serious intellectual work:

Dean of the Faculty Report – Muriel Poston:


New Business:

MOTION:  Professor Mary DiSanto-Rose, on behalf of the University Without Walls, made a motion for the conferral of degrees:

Resolved, that the faculty at Skidmore College recommend to the Trustees the granting of the Bachelor of Arts degree to two students: Jesse Elwert and Danielle Nichole Nazarenko; and the Bachelor of Science degree to three students: Irene Marie Cole, Leyla Lister-Mora and Summer Shinn Sage.

The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.

FEC – Dan Curley

MOTION: – Faculty Handbook, Part Six (See attachment)

MOTION:Part Two, Article II, Section F – Faculty Advisory Board and Advisory Panel

Professor Curley noted the members of the Faculty Handbook working group: VP Kress, Barbara Beck, Barb Krause, Mary Lynn, Richard Hihn, Herb Crossman, Dean Poston and himself. He reminded everyone that the Faculty Handbook has been without a current Part Six since the 2004-05 academic year. CFG moved that the old Part 6 from the previous year be carried over to the new Handbook, which carried over to the 2005-06 Handbook. In 2007 we voted in Parts 1-5 only because we thought there would be a viable Part 6 later that year, but that was not completed. We voted in Parts 1-5 of the handbook in November 2007. The working group started in August 2007 and has been meeting regularly ever since. The College’s attorney, Nick D’Ambrosio, has reviewed Part 6. The current draft is going for discussion to IPPC and IGTUF – and it was discussed at the Academic Staff meeting in a substantial manner this morning. He invited everyone to the Open Forum on Tuesday, February 12 at 3:30-4:30 in Emerson Auditorium to express their concerns and comments. Members of the Handbook working group will be available to answer questions. Those who cannot attend should send comments to anyone on the working group. All these documents are on the Faculty Handbook website: Faculty Handbooks.
Part 6 will be discussed in a substantial way at the next Faculty meeting on February 29. Today is an opportunity to take informational and procedural questions. FEC encourages everyone to read the document carefully.

If Part 6 is not approved at the next Faculty meeting, FEC will withdraw the motion regarding Part 2, Article II, Section F. Two new faculty committees must be formed in order to deal with complaints of discrimination and harassment – the Faculty Advisory Board (FAB) and an Advisory Panel (AP).

Faculty members raised questions about the process to establish the FAB. Should the members on the FAB be appointed or elected? Professor Curley stated that appointment will ensure broad representation on the FAB. In addition, the complainant and the respondent do have some say regarding the composition of the AP. Several faculty members indicated that they thought these members should be elected not appointed. VP Kress said the working group considered models for similar Boards at Skidmore, such as the Integrity Board, which is also an appointed committee.

These motions will be put to a vote at the next Faculty meeting.

VP Kress announced the visit of a Swedish delegation from Gotland University on March 3 & 4. Gotland is interested in forming the first liberal arts institution in Sweden and is looking to Skidmore as a model. There are eleven delegates, including their President and a student representative. They are especially interested in the departments of Management & Business, Biology, History, and Economics. Please let VP Kress know if you would like to meet members of the delegation.



VP Kress made one additional announcement regarding the Tisch Family Distinguished Professorship. This chair represents a gift to the College by the sons of Billie Stein Tisch, Class of 1948, on the occasion of her 80th birthday. President Glotzbach sent the following message to be announced at today’s meeting “I sincerely regret that I am not able to be here in person to express my delight that David Porter has been named the inaugural holder of the Tisch Family Distinguished Professorship.” VP Kress said she is thrilled to make this announcement and that it is a tribute to both our former President and our current President that this has come to pass. The faculty rose to give David Porter, who attended the meeting, a standing ovation.

Michael West invited everyone to the community reception in the Murray-Aikins dining hall.

Meeting adjourned at 4:55pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Ellen Kokoletsos
Executive Administrative Assistant
Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs