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Dean of the Faculty/Vice President for Academic Affairs


December 3, 2010
Gannett Auditorium

I. Approval of Minutes - November 5, 2010

II. President's Report - Susan Kress

I. Athletics Update - Rochelle Calhoun
II. Introduction - Mike West
III. 2011 Distinguished Faculty Service Award Recipient Announcement - Pete Stake

III. Vice President for Academic Affairs Report - Paty Rubio

I. December Retirements
II. Network Facilitator Announcement

IV. Conferral of Degrees and Honors

I. Graduation Resolution, Candidates for Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science Degrees - Ann Henderson
II. Honors Resolution, College and Departmental Honors - Corey Freeman-Gallant

V. Old Business

I. Curriculum Committee - Lisa Aronson

I. MOTION - Elimination of Sociology-Anthropology interdepartmental major

II. Faculty Executive Committee - Reg Lilly

I. MOTION - Division of the Disciplines

III. Committee on Educational Policies and Planning - Bob Turner

I. MOTION - Transfer Credit Policies

VI. New Business

VII. Reports

VIII. Other

I. Cabinet Q&A

IX. Announcements

I. Hold the Date: "Five Minutes of Fame: A Showcase of Faculty Research, Pedagogy, and Adventures in Technology" - Barbara Norelli
II. Invitation to Community Reception - Mary Lou Bates