GIS Center for Interdisciplinary Research

GIS is a combination of information, techniques, software, and creativity to present, analyze, manipulate, and interact with data that is geographically referenced. The data can be shown in relation to topics such as politics, environmental studies, geography, geology, biology, economics, business, and history.

The Skidmore GIS Center for Interdisciplinary Research provides students and faculty with the resources and expertise to incorporate GIS and related geospaital technology into course offerings and research across academic disciplines. The Center is also a resource for local governments, environmental and social non-profit organizations, and historic societies with its extensive catalog of Saratoga County socio-economic, historic, and natural resource data.

The Center supports ESRI ArcGIS 9.3.1 and ArcGIS 10 software for primary GIS use, as well as related hardware (large-format scanning, printing, and GPS)and associated software packages.


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In The News

Mapping past on present for local historians

Small section of a historical mapEach semester, economics professor Bob Jones assigns local-history projects as part of his course on geographic information systems, or GIS. Along with charting ethnic demographics and the political party of the incumbent in Congressional districts, incomes and unemployment rates in various regions, and other census data, his classes have traced land-use patterns over time, last year in Saratoga County and this year in nearby Washington County.


On Location

Upcoming GIS/Tech Workshops!

The following workshops will be offered at the GIS Center within the next few weeks.  They are open to everyone in the Skidmore community, regardless of GIS experience.   Digital Map Storytelling with ArcGIS Online Tuesday March 4th 7:30pm In this short hands-on workshop, we will show you how easy it is to create a digital storymap using only a smartphone and free websites. We will be using the camera on your phone, a free image website (such as Picasa or Flickr) and ArcGIS Online.   Make Your First Website Thursday March 6th 7:00pm In this workshop you will learn how to design the beginnings of your own portfolio site. You will be taking advantage of the latest tools such as HTML5 and CSS3 while also following current design standards. This workshop assumes that you have no prior knowledge to web programming.   Download and Print Your Own Topo Maps Monday March 17th 2:30pm USGS Topo Maps are incredibly useful for hiking, planning trips, or giving your dorm room some pizzazz. Benefits of paper maps include: no need to recharge, you can take them anywhere, folding them is fun, and they let everyone around you know that you could have […]

Dr. Jonnell Robinson to present on Community Geography

On Monday, February 24th, 2014, Dr. Jonnell A. Robinson will present her talk “Points, Lines, and People: Plotting a Course for Community Geography” at 7pm in Gannett Auditorium at Skidmore College. Here is her talk abstract: Maps can be a powerful and provocative way to convey information about place. Citizen groups and community-based organizations are keen to use GIS mapping to build spatial awareness of important community issues. In an effort to foster community-based spatial knowledge production, Syracuse Community Geography—a unique university and community collaboration—was established in 2005 to assist grassroots groups in Central New York to frame research questions, generate, collect, manage, analyze and interpret geographic data, and use geographic information to create positive change. In this talk, Robinson will explain the conceptual framework of “Community Geography”; share results from community mapping projects, and discuss the value and challenges of Syracuse Community Geography’s participatory process. The talk is open to the public. Learn more about Dr. Robinson and Syracuse Community Geography. Additionally, there will be a workshop on Census data held on February 25th at 12:30pm in the GIS Center for Interdisciplinary Research, Scribner Library, Room 227, titled “Making Sense of the Census: Finding, Understanding and Using U.S. Census Bureau […]

RIP Dr. Roger Tomlinson, The Father of GIS

I wanted to share that Dr. Roger Tomlinson, the Father of GIS, has passed away. I first met Dr. Tomlinson at the ESRI User Conference in San Diego, California, in 2009. The picture above was taken after the plenary, and I again spoke to him when I waited in line to receive a copy of his book “Thinking about GIS.” Being in his presence really stuck with me, even until this day. He told me that all the wisdom he had gained around Geographic Information Systems he had put into this book. Finally here is one of my favorite videos of a young Dr. Tomlinson, introducing the technology and idea that would become one of the world’s first and most advanced Geographic Information Systems.

Workshop: Use a smartphone to make an interactive map tour

Are you interested in creating an interactive map tour, using nothing but your smartphone and free mapping tools? Perhaps you want to map outdoor art, or graffiti, or you want to use it in science for looking at invasive species, or maybe you are more interested in mapping out history and land use change in the watershed? Come to my workshop on Friday at noon for the workshop: Digital Map Storytelling With ArcGIS Online to learn how to create interactive map tours. Workshop will be held in the GIS Center, 2nd Floor, Lucy Scribner Library, Friday 11/22/2013 at Noon. To view the workshop schedule click HERE. Seating is limited, so register for the workshop today HERE.