Medium-level alert

Tornado Watch for Saratoga County

At 1:30 pm on July 1, The National Weather Service issued a Tornado Watch in effect until 10 PM EDT this evening for Saratoga County.

A Tornado Watch means conditions are favorable for tornadoes and severe thunderstorms in and close to the watch area. Persons in these areas should be on the lookout for threatening weather conditions and listen for later statements and possible warnings on local news websites.

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Office of the Registrar

Class Time Scheduling Options

We ask your cooperation in spreading course offerings throughout the day. Be sure to check for conflicts with courses in related departments.

Note AM and PM designations

3 Credit Options
  M-W-F   T-R     W-F
A 08:00AM-08:55AM J 08:10AM-09:30AM   A+B (1) 8:40AM-10:00AM
09:05AM-10:00AM K 09:40AM-11:00AM   C+D(1) 10:10AM-11:30AM
C 10:10AM-11:05AM L 11:10AM-12:30PM   E+F(1) 12:20PM-01:40PM
D 11:15AM-12:10PM M 12:40PM-02:00PM      
E 12:20PM-01:15PM N 02:10PM-03:30PM      
F 01:25PM-02:20PM O 03:40PM-05:00PM      
G 02:30PM-03:50PM M-W P 06:30PM-07:50PM      
H 04:00PM-05:20PM M-W          
I 06:30PM-07:50PM M-W          

4 Credit Options

  W-F + M   T-R + M   2X/Week
A+B(2) 08:40AM-10:00AM +
J+A 08:10AM-09:30AM +
G+ 02:30 PM-04:20 PM M-W
C+D(2) 10:10AM-11:30AM +
K+B 09:40AM-11:00AM +
H+ 04:00PM-05:50PM M-W
E+F(2) 12:20PM-01:40PM +
L+D 11:10AM-12:30PM +
J+K 09:10AM-11:00AM T-R
    M+E 12:40PM-02:00PM +
O+ 03:40PM-05:30PM T-R
    N+F 02:10PM-03:30PM +
C+D(3) 10:10AM-12:00PM W-F
        E+F(3) 12:20PM-02:10PM W-F

Other Options: 4 days per week

M-W-F + T or R
M-W + T-R