Schick Art Gallery

Yvette Cortes Dzama

Pictured: Untitled print by Marcel Dzama
Owned by Yvette Cortes, Visual Resources Librarian, Scribner Library

Dzama was part of a collective called The Royal Art Lodge, and they all did similar things. The other ones of Dzama’s are a bit violent - there are a lot of decapitations and cutting off of limbs. This one is a little more user-friendly.

For my office I decided I was going to collect prints about reading – anything related to reading. It’s kind of a librarian’s collection…. I’m also really into children’s book illustrations; I think there are some amazing artists right now. And a lot of the art I collect looks like it could be in a picture book.

I think collecting art is a way to define what one is interested in. I tend to like something with a dark undertone, but modern. I’ve tried to lighten it up, since I had kids. So it’s kind of playful and macabre, at the same time.
Yvette Cortes, 2012