Skidmore Cares

Skidmore Cares Cheerleaders, 2009

Skidmore Cares 2009
Food Assignments and Representatives

  Food Items Representative(s)
Student Affairs
  Tuna Jen Burden
  Canned Meats Robin Adams
  Boxed Rice and Pasta Dave DeConno, Darren Drabek
  Boxed Mashed Potatoes Sherry Ankeny
Academic Affairs
  Soups Roy Rotheim, Caroline D'Abate
  Peanut Butter Alex Chaucer, Barbara Norelli
  Jam/Jelly Dave DeConno
  Baked Beans Marianne Needham
  Hot Cereal Susi Kerr
  Canned Fruit and Vegetables Jeanne Eddy, Jill Jones
  Mac & Cheese Karen Horn-Jansen
  Powdered Milk Karen Horn-Jansen, Barbara McDonough
  Cold Cereal Larry Britt
  Juice (box or can) Bob Carlton
  Pasta Sauce John Batch
  Healthy snacks (non perishable) Nancy Wheeler
  Mac & Cheese Judy Messore
  Canned Fruit and Vegetables Brian Wimble, Colleen Manning
  Condiments Terri Mariani
  School Supplies Sarah Ireland
President's Office
  School Supplies Debra Amico
  School Supplies Karen Garnsey, Joe Porter
  School Supplies Megan Mercier