Skidmore Cares

Cans collected for Skidmore Cares

2013 Collection Assignment List

Skidmore Cares, launched in 2006 by President Glotzbach and Marie Glotzbach to enhance the meaning of the annual campus holiday gathering at Scribner House, has grown into a program that makes a significant contribution to area families in need.

Skidmore Cares culminates in December, when food and school supplies will be collected at Scribner House during the Holiday Open House on December 6, from 3:30-8pm.





Student Affairs Soups (canned or dry) Jennifer McDonald, Brian Woods
  Macaroni and cheese Ann Marie Przywara
  Tuna and canned meats Robin Adams
  Peanut butter Penny Loretto
  * School supplies Patrick Hart, Hanna Shalett
Academic Affairs Hot and cold cereals Roy Rotheim
  Boxed rice and pasta Barbara Norelli
  * School supplies Paula Brehm, Sharon Clemmey, Peggy Daly, Marianne Needham, Theresa Poulson
  Peanut butter Jeanne Eddy, Tracy Riley, Rachel Willis
  Juice (box or can) Barb McDonough
  Tuna and canned meats Lori Dawson, Jill Jones
Finance/Administration Pasta Larry Britt, Joanne Dwornik, Mary Visscher
  Soups (canned or dry) Beth Brucker-Kane, Bobby Carlton, Becky Ephraim, Karen Garnsey, Kelly Meader
  School supplies (USB drives) Alex Chaucer, Kim Coons
  * School supplies (other) Judy Messore
  Canned vegetables Cassie Deason, Julie DiRoma, Sharon Field
  Healthy snacks Peggy Daly, Michelle Mink, Nancy Wheeler
  Peanut butter Joanne Dwornik, Megan Mercier, Desiree Palmatier, Mary Visscher
  Canned fruit Patti Heritage
  Tuna and canned meats Jessica Gitchel, Lyn Loya, Terri Mariani, Clarissa Sawyer
  Pasta sauce Kirstin Drabek
  Vendor donations Joanne Dwornik, Mary Visscher


* School Supplies