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Faculty and Staff Benefits

Skidmore Employee Benefits Summary

Vacation Time

How do I earn and use vacation time?

Vacation time is accrued on a monthly basis prorated throughout the fiscal  year (June 1 through May 31) and may be taken after your six-month introductory period. The total vacation hours will be earned by May 31. Pay in lieu of vacation is prohibited.

Use of vacation leave must be approved in advance by your supervisor and taken at times that will not interfere with the operational needs of your department. Vacation leave may be approved up to your total vacation year’s accrual and can be taken in increments approved by your supervisor. However, upon separation of employment, vacation used in excess of the year-to-date accrued vacation must be paid back to the College.

Upon separation from the College, employees will be paid for unused accrued vacation that has been documented and approved by the employee’s supervisor. In these circumstances, paid vacation will not extend the length of employment.

How many vacation hours will I accrue per year?

As a new full-time employee, you will receive a prorated portion of the following vacation hours during your first year of employment. Regular part-time employees, and temporary full-time employees working less than a nine-month appointment, will begin to earn a prorated portion of the vacation accrual after one year of continuous employment. Part time, temporary employees are not eligible for vacation hours or vacation time accrual.

The College provides paid vacation leave to full-time exempt and non-exempt employees  appointed to a twelve-month position as follows:

35-hour work week   40-hour work week
140 hours for 12-month employees 160 hours for 12-month employees
119 hours for 10-month employees 136 hours for 11-month employees
105 hours for 9-month employees 120 hours for 10-month employees

Exempt and non-exempt employees  hired in nine, ten, or eleven-month positions accrue a prorated portion of the above vacation accrual each vacation year. 

What if I don’t use all my accrued vacation?

Vacation leave can be used in the year it is earned or you may carry over up to 35 hours (less than or equal to a 35-hour work week) or 40 hours (40-hour work week) into the next vacation year. If not taken by the end of that vacation year, remaining vacation carryover is forfeited. Vacation hours carried over will be used before current-year accrued vacation.

Am I required to report unused vacation leave?

Unused vacation hours are reported to Financial Services annually. It is important for exempt employees  to report any unused vacation at that time. Otherwise, any remaining hours will not be credited and assumed forfeited.  Non-exempt  employees report their vacation usage bi-weekly; therefore, any unused hours are automatically calculated on their behalf.