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Ask HR: Top 5 FAQ's

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Faculty and Staff Benefits

Skidmore Employee Benefits Summary

Workers’ Compensation Benefits

What are Workers’ Compensation benefits?

If you are injured at work, you may be eligible for NYS Workers’ Compensation benefits. If you are absent from work due to injury, the Workers’ Compensation plan provides partial salary/wage payments beginning on the eighth calendar lost day. Incurred medical expenses are also paid by this plan.

What salary/wages are paid under Workers’ Compensation?

The College will pay your regular salary/wage for the first five lost workdays when a physician does not allow you to work because of your injury. Workers’ Compensation benefits, which begin on the eighth consecutive lost day, pay you two-thirds of your salary/wage based on an average of your prior 52 weeks’ earnings. This benefit will be mailed directly to you from the insurance company and is non-taxable.

Exempt and non-exempt employees (faculty and staff) are eligible to receive supplemental salary payments from the College based on the difference between their regular base salary/wage and the Workers' Compensation benefits after one year of employment based on the following schedule.

 Length of Service 
Number of Weeks by
Percent of Salary/Wage 
At Least 
But Less Than 
up to $170 per week 
4 weeks 1 year  1 week 25 weeks
1 year and over  26 weeks ----

Supplemental salary/wage payments are paid through the College’s payroll for exempt employees and non-exempt employees (faculty and staff) are inclusive for both NYS Disability Leave and Workers’ Compensation Leave. If eligible, time lost under this plan is also designated as time lost under the Family Medical Leave Act. Supplemental salary/wage payments are predicated on carrier/insurance approval of a claim.

Who is eligible for this benefit?

Full- and part-time exempt and non-exempt employees (faculty and staff) are eligible for Workers’ Compensation benefits. Full- and part-time exempt and non-exempt employees (faculty and staff) are eligible for supplemental salary/wage benefits as outlined above.