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Skidmore College
Faculty and Staff Benefits

Skidmore Employee Benefits Summary

Sick Time/Sick Leave

Does my salary continue if I am ill?

If it is necessary for you to be absent from work for up to five consecutive days due to illness or injury (your own or a family member living in your household), you are eligible to receive full paid sick leave benefits. You must notify your supervisor of the illness or injury as soon as possible in advance of your scheduled work day. You should inform your supervisor daily of your progress and expected date of return to work except during hospitalization or lengthy convalescence.

The College reserves the right to require any employee who is absent to provide a physician’s note confirming the staff member was ill. For instance, patterns of absence that indicate abuse of the sick-leave policy can be reason for requiring a medical certification and or taking disciplinary action. As a general rule, Skidmore considers employees using more than eight sick days a year as a potential excessive use of sick time. This includes time out for family members.

Who is eligible for paid sick leave?

Regular full- and part-time exempt and, non-exempt and full-time temporary staff employees who are hired for a nine-, ten-, eleven- or twelve-month position are eligible to participate in this benefit upon date of hire. Part time, temporary employees are not eligible for sick leave.