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Skidmore College
Faculty and Staff Benefits

Skidmore Employee Benefits Summary

Long-Term Disability  

What is long-term disability coverage?

The long-term disability plan pays a portion of your income while you are disabled. The amount you receive is based on the amount you earned before your disability began. Benefits begin 180 days after you first become disabled.

What salary will I receive?

If approved, the plan will pay a basic monthly income benefit equal to 60% of monthly earnings up to a maximum benefit of $5,000 per month. Certain other incomes (i.e. Social Security Disability Benefits, Workers Compensation payments) are off-set by this payment.

Under the disability-plus rider, you may be eligible for an additional 40% of salary up to a maximum of $2,000. Under this rider, an employee is considered disabled when the insurer determines that due to sickness or injury the employee loses the ability to safely and completely perform two activities of daily living without another person’s assistance or verbal cueing; or you have a deterioration or loss in intellectual capacity and need another person’s assistance or verbal cueing for your protection or for the protection of others.

Are there other benefits under this plan?

This plan also provides for continued contributions to your basic retirement plan through Skidmore.

What are the employee’s costs to participate in this coverage?

The College pays the full cost of this coverage for eligible employees. Under IRS regulations, any benefits paid to you are taxable.

Who is eligible for long-term disability coverage?

Full- and part-time employees eligible to participate in the Flexible Benefits Program are eligible for long-term disability coverage on the first of the month following one year of employment.