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Skidmore College

Studio Art Programming

Mind and Hand

Students in Skidmore’s Pre-College Program who choose to take one or two art courses will have the opportunity to participate in a five-week creative experience building skills and vocabulary in the visual arts to help them find their voices as artists. Our intensive studio art session offers both traditional and cutting-edge courses to help students connect inventive techniques and imaginative ideas. The Pre-College students will take classes in the Saisselin Art Building, benefit from Skidmore’s excellent studio art facility and also take part in the summer studio art special programming with visiting artists, museum visits and a final student exhibition open to the public, family and friends.

We offer foundation-level courses such as drawing and painting, as well as one-of-a-kind workshops and courses open to Pre-College students such as "Paper Print Press," a printmaking and bookmaking course.

Each year the Summer Studio Art Program brings contemporary artists from diverse disciplines to be visiting artists-in-residence. While at Skidmore, they open their studios to students, give lectures on their work and engage with students in the classroom and in workshops.

2019 Featured Visiting Artists

Jenny Kemp

Our Changing Seas III Detail 2014

Jenny Kemp, Life Slice 40" x 50", 2018

Jenny Kemp’s interest in abstraction lies in its ability to satisfy her desire to create images that serve to represent unseen phenomenon.  Those results end up dense, intricate and often abstruse.  She paints in acrylic and in gouache, building space and light through the placement of intricate, shifting parallel and concentric lines. Using this stripe motif, she adopts references to mid-20th century abstraction such as op art and minimalism. 

Jenny also produces small stop-motion animations, in which she examines “the elements of invention and surprise that result from working cyclically between painting and animation… I create biologically-inspired imagery that is built through lines and planes of subtly shifting hue intensities, generating form through a slow additive process that parallels growth in nature.” 

Jenny will be on campus this summer for two weeks to have a studio residency, and to create a new artists’ print, working alongside printer Patrick Casey in the Skidmore Print Shop. 

More of her work can be seen at 

Sharon Bates

Bates Turf
Sharon Bates, Turf, detail, mixed media, 2018

Sharon Bates invents fantastic, imaginary assemblages and site-specific installations, mostly composed of real objects that she has collected and inventoried for years. She arranges many of these collections into “taxonomies”, families of similar things, that appear to have some obscure, historical utility. Bates often reconfigures previously assembled pieces for different settings, creating new works and renaming them. In addition to her sculptural work, she has produced a large body of black and white drawings she has organized in groups of “animals, vegetables and minerals”. Sharon will be on campus this summer to work alongside Patrick Casey in the Skidmore Print Shop to create her first artist print. for more information


Pre-College Studio Art Courses Offered Summer 2019   

Introduction to Painting 
Drawing l 
Projects in Printmaking 
Special Topics: Contemporary Drawing Projects  

Credit and non-credit courses available.


Studio Visits with Artists in Residence Jenny Kemp and Sharon Bates  
Special Evening or Saturday Life Drawing Sessions 
Special projects with all classes in the printshop
PrintNation: An all-day, hands-on printmaking extravaganza for all studio art students 
Curator tours and discussions of current exhibitions at The Tang Museum on campus