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Forms and Policies

2022 Required Pre-College Program Forms

Below you can download the packet of forms that all students/parents must complete and digitally submit before attending Skidmore's Pre-College Program.

Please note all forms are due by June 1.

All form documents must be submitted digitally. Link to platform for submitting eletronic documents coming soon.

Pre-College Program Consent and Waiver Release (pdf or Word Doc) - links coming soon!

Internal Tuition Grant application

2022 Pre-College Program Policies

Honor Code

Students must abide by the academic rules of conduct established by Skidmore College. The student signing this contract affirms the intention to abide by the terms of the Skidmore College Honor Code, as follows in part: "I hereby accept membership in the Skidmore College community and, with full realization of the responsibilities inherent in membership, do agree to adhere to honesty and integrity in all relationships, to be considerate of the rights of others, and to abide by the college regulations." Cheating or plagiarism in any Summer Session class may be cause for dismissal from the program. All members of the Skidmore College community, including students, faculty, and staff, are parties to the honor contract and are expected to abide by its provisions. Please review The Ethics of Scholarship: A Note to Students.

Virtual Student Orientation

Information coming soon!

Class Attendance

Due to the compressed timeframe of the 5-week summer session, every class missed is equivalent to missing approximately 3 classes during an academic-year semester. Therefore, it is imperative that Pre-College students attend all class sessions throughout the program. Unexcused class absences will be brought to the program director’s attention for review and the student and parents will be contacted immediately. Multiple unexcused absences may result in course failure and/or removal from the program. Perfect attendance is one of the essential keys to success at Skidmore this summer. 

Course ADD/DROP Period

The deadline for a student to drop a course is July 7. Pre-College students are not eligible to add a course; therefore, if a Pre-College student drops a course during the Add/Drop period, the student is no longer enrolled in the Pre-College Program.

Technology Requirements

Students must have a computer with reliable internet access, a speaker and microphone, and a camera (either a webcam or built-in laptop camera). Parents, friends, or family members are not allowed to participate or appear in any Pre-College Program sessions in order to protect the privacy of all students.

Virtual Code of Conduct

During all online instruction, meetings, and programming, students are expected to dress appropriately and maintain an appropriate background. Students can request assistance with creating a virtual backdrop if equipment supports it via Skidmore’s IT HelpDesk []. During class sessions, students are encouraged to have cameras on and names on screen are required. Screensharing without permission of the instructor or program administrator is prohibited. Recording or screen shots of virtual sessions is also prohibited.

Respect for Self and Others

Students must maintain a high level of respect for each individual in the program and in the Skidmore community at all times. Verbal, written, sexual, or physical harassment/harm of any kind to any person including self will not be tolerated and may be cause for dismissal from the program.


During the program, communication with Skidmore faculty, staff, and students must be sent via Skidmore email; one-on-one communications via private emails, texts, or social media are not permitted. Professional staff can drop in at any time to virtual meetings. Students may not “friend” or follow faculty or staff on social media during enrollment in the program, and vice-versa.

Academic Accommodation

Students seeking to request an academic accommodation during the program must formally request accommodation from Meg Hegener, Coordinator of Student Access Services (  Students will also need to provide documentation which verifies the existence of a disability and supports the request.


Pre-College students will earn a standard letter grade for all coursework; high school students are not eligible for Skidmore’s pass/fail grading option (S/CR/U). 

Consequences of Dismissal

The Pre-College Program reserves the right to provide the fact and reason for dismissal to the Skidmore College Office of Admissions.


Application fees and program deposit are non-refundable. The Pre-College refund policy is as follows: The tuition fee, less the $500 non-refundable program deposit, will be refunded to students if they complete and submit to the Office of Special Programs the SUMMER SESSION COURSE DROP FORM (link coming soon) by July 7, 2022. After July 7 there will be no refund of tuition or course fees. No refund or reduction in program fees will be made for a student who arrives to the program late, leaves the program early, or is dismissed from the program due to violation of the program guidelines and policies.

Title IX Statement

Skidmore College considers sexual and gender-based misconduct to be one of the most serious violations of the values and standards of the College. Unwelcome sexual contact of any form is a violation of students’ personal integrity and their right to a safe environment and therefore violates Skidmore’s values. Sexual and gender-based misconduct is also prohibited by federal and state regulations. Skidmore College faculty are committed to supporting our students and upholding gender equity laws as outlined by Title IX. If a student chooses to confide in a member of Skidmore’s faculty or staff regarding an issue of sexual or gender-based misconduct, that faculty or staff member is obligated to tell Skidmore’s Title IX Coordinator or Title IX Deputy Coordinator. The Title IX Coordinator or Deputy Coordinator will assist the student in connecting with all possible resources for support and options for reporting both on and off campus. Identities and details will be shared only with those who need to know to support the student and to address the situation through the college’s processes. If the student wishes to confide in a confidential resource, the Counseling Center Staff, Health Services, and Victim Advocates (anonymous) are all options available. More information can be found at the Sexual and Gender-Based Misconduct website or by contacting the Title IX Coordinator, Joel Aure (, 518-580-5708.