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Skidmore College
Forms and Policies

2019 Required Pre-College Program Forms

Below you can download the packet of forms that all students/parents must fill out and submit before attending Skidmore's Pre-College Program.

Please note all forms are due by June 1.

Please make copies of all required forms that you mail to the Pre-College Program in the event they may be lost in transit.

All forms should be mailed to:

Pre-College Program
Skidmore College
815 North Broadway
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866-1632

Minors Health Forms (The Health Form requires a physician’s authorization, and also an office visit if a physical examination has not occurred since 6/24/2018) 

Permissions Form 

Student Transportation Form

Residential and Academic Life Agreement 

Financial Aid Forms 

International Student Visa Forms 

Internal Tuition Grant application 

Pre-College Refund Policy

  • The application fee and program deposit are non-refundable.
  • Tuition is non-refundable after classes begin.
  • A room and board refund is prorated on a weekly basis (not daily), with permission of the Director.

Residence Hall Policies

Coming soon!

Academic Accommodation, Student with Disabilities:

If you are a student with a disability and believe you will need academic accommodation, you must formally request accommodation from Meg Hegener, Coordinator for Student Access Services.  You will also need to provide documentation which verifies the existence of a disability and supports your request.  For further information, please call 518-580-8150 or stop by the office of Student Academic Services in Starbuck Center.

Title IX Statement

Skidmore College considers sexual and gender-based misconduct to be one of the most serious violations of the values and standards of the College. Unwelcome sexual contact of any form is a violation of students' personal integrity and their right to a safe environment and therefore violates Skidmore’s values. Sexual and gender-based misconduct is also prohibited by federal regulations. Skidmore College faculty are committed to supporting our students and upholding gender equity laws as outlined by Title IX. If a student chooses to confide in a member of Skidmore's faculty or staff regarding an issue of sexual or gender-based misconduct, that faculty or staff member is required to tell Skidmore’s Title IX Deputy Coordinator. The Title IX Deputy Coordinator will assist the student in connecting with all possible resources for support and reporting both on and off campus. Identities and details will be shared only with those who need to know to support the student and to address the situation through the college's processes. If the student wishes to confide in a confidential resource, Health Services is available. More information can be found at or by contacting the Title IX Deputy Coordinator.

Honor Code Statement

Because the College functions as a tightly integrated community of curricular and co-curricular experiences, a strict allegiance to its standards of conduct is essential for every student's well-being and intellectual growth. Students should make certain they understand the high value we place on honesty, cooperation, and consideration and the penalties the College imposes for infractions in these areas. Skidmore not only promotes intellectual honesty vigorously but severely punishes such offenses as plagiarism and cheating on exams. Please feel free to read the Skidmore Academic Integrity Handbook.