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Skidmore College
Commuter Students

Transportation To/From Campus

Commuter students must provide their own transportation to/from Skidmore, and may register for a parking sticker at the check-in desk on July 5, 2020. Pre-College students may not ride in cars of others, including commuter students’ cars.

Dining Information

Commuter students do not receive a meal plan through their tuition and program fees. Commuters do have the option of adding their own funds to their Student ID Card account that can be used in the dining hall, cafes and vending machines on campus. For dining hall meal prices, click here. If a meal plan is desired, it is recommended that commuters arrange for it in advance of the start of their program. More information can be found below. Commuter students may also bring their own lunch or purchase snacks on campus.

Study Space on Campus

When not in class, commuter students may wish to study or spend time on campus. Lucy Scribner Library, campus common areas and cafes are open to all commuter students.

Residence Hall Access

Commuter students may visit friends in the Pre-College Program by signing in to the residence hall with their ID as a guest. Guests may spend time with their Pre-College host friend and peers in the dorm lounge area lounges until the residence hall curfew at 11pm. Guests must abide by the Pre-College Program residential policies.

Social Activities & Events

Commuter students are welcome to attend events hosted on campus as well as the scheduled activities listed below. Please contact one week in advance of the scheduled activity to secure your spot.

  • The Great Escape Theme Park
  • New York City Ballet at the Saratoga Performing Arts Center
  • Saratoga Strike Zone bowling
  • Community service projects

Orientation Information

Commuter students are required to attend the Pre-College check-in and the orientations held during the first two days of the program. The program orientations include the following:

  • Liberal and Studio Arts academic orientation workshops:
  • Time management
  • Understanding the syllabus
  • Using an academic planner
  • Academic ownership & classroom citizenship

Contacting Our Office

Skidmore College
Pre-College Program
815 N. Broadway
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866
Phone: 518-580-5458
Fax: 518-580-5548

Adding Money to Student ID Cards

  • Go to
  • Pre-College students – do not use the Skidmore Username and Password portal, instead use the Parents, Guardians, or Other Relatives link.
  • The ID number will always begin with a 21S and is printed on the ID card
  • Last name must match the name printed on the ID card
  • Proceed through the payment portal


Please read over our Policies page, which, in addition to outlining policies specific to academic and residence life, financial policies and matters of health and safety, also provides substantial additional information. Students and their families are expected to review them together, and to sign and return them by the noted deadlines.

Program Resources

  • Arrival Weekend Schedule
  • Program Calendar
  • Pre-College Academic Support
  • College Admissions Workshop
  • Pre-College Events