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Skidmore College

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can attend Skidmore's Pre-College Program?
The program is open to qualified high school students in the US and abroad currently in their sophomore, junior or senior year. Pre-college students come from across the country and the world, from large cities and small towns, from public and private schools, from different backgrounds and with a wide range of interests and aspirations.

What level courses can Pre-College students enroll in?
The approved courses open to high school students are foundation-level courses offered through Skidmore's summer session for college students.

How many courses can I enroll in?
Pre-College students may enroll in one course.

Do the courses carry college credit?
All courses carry full Skidmore College credit, generally transferable to any other college or university.

What is the program's class attendance policy?
Pre-College students are required to attend all class sessions throughout the program
. Pre-College students are enrolled in Skidmore College credit-bearing courses along with other undergraduate and pre-college students. All courses, whether in person or online, are live/synchronous; students are required to participate in their enrolled course at the specified daily class times each week. The scheduled class times cannot be changed for individual schedules. If a student is unable to fully attend their class on the scheduled days and times, the student will not be eligible to participate in the class or program. 

What are the online class sizes?
class sizes are small, and the instructors are as dedicated to teaching high school students as college students.

What is the program pace like? 
The pace of summer study is quick; the studio work, the reading, writing and thinking is weighty; and the turn-around time on assignments short, but students find that the enthusiasm of the instructors and the invigoration of the classes keep them motivated and engaged.

Are there online activities and programming offered?
Details about our online activities and programming coming soon!

Are online classes live or recorded?
All classes are live.

What times are online classes held?

Morning and afternoon classes are held during Eastern Standard Time (EST). 

What are the technology requirements?
It is the expectation that students will have access to a computer or laptop (a cell phone will not suffice); reliable, high speed Internet/WiFi connection; a speaker and microphone, and a camera (either a webcam or built-in laptop camera); a quiet space conducive to taking an online class and completing coursework (private, without distractions). Unfortunately, we are not able to provide computers to students.