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Skidmore College

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can attend Skidmore's Pre-College Program?
The program (both residential and day) is open to qualified high school students currently in their sophomore, junior or senior year. Current high school freshman may apply only as day students.

What kind of students enroll in the program? 
Pre-college students come from across the country and the world, from large cities and small towns, from public and private schools, from different backgrounds and with a wide range of interests and aspirations.

What level courses can Pre-College students enroll in?
The courses open to high school students are foundation-level courses offered through Skidmore's summer session for college students.

How many courses can I enroll in?
All residential students must enroll as full-time students, that is, in two courses. Pre-College students may not enroll for more than 8 credits in a five-week period.

Do the courses carry college credit?
All courses carry full Skidmore College credit, generally transferable to any other college or university.

Are any noncredit courses offered?
Those students—current high school freshman particularly but all others as well—who wish to explore and develop their studio art skills without the pressure of a grade may enroll in noncredit studio art workshops, where the demands are the same as in a credit course but grades are not assessed. Both the credit courses and the noncredit workshops may often be used by students to advance their standing in their high school.

What are the class sizes?
Class sizes are small, and the instructors are as dedicated to teaching high school students as college students.

What is the program pace like? 
The pace of summer study is quick; the studio work, the reading, writing and thinking is weighty; and the turn-around time on assignments short, but students find that the enthusiasm of the instructors and the invigoration of the classes keep them motivated and engaged.

What are the living accommodations? 
One of the college's residence halls is set aside each summer for high school students in the Pre-College Program. Students live in single and double rooms in suites for six, with an adjoining double bathroom. Several small lounges throughout the building and a large ground-floor lounge provide ample social space. An adult residence hall director and a group of Skidmore College students serving as resident assistants live in the hall along with the high school students and make sure that students' social life on campus is as rich and rewarding as their intellectual life.

Is there time for extracurricular activities?
The Pre-College Program helps students learn how to balance demanding college academics and downtime for rest and fun. The residence hall staff works to provide an environment that supports both individual interests and communal living. The resident assistants spend a lot of time with students in informal ways as well as organized gatherings, movie nights, sports and games, study breaks, weekend events and off-campus trips that supplement the already diverse open-to-the-public offerings on campus. 

Are college admissions workshops offered?
Yes. Preparing for college involves not only academic preparation but also learning the ins and outs of the process of selecting and applying to college. Through special sessions arranged for Pre-College students, members of Skidmore's Admissions staff will help students think about what sort of college to attend given what they want to study, how to negotiate the application process, conduct practice interviews and learn how to write a solid admissions essay.