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Skidmore College

Academic Support

Skidmore’s Pre-College Program is intensive, rigorous and fast-paced, offering each student the opportunity to take ownership of his/her academic experience, learn to balance demanding coursework with free time and take full advantage of all available campus resources. We provide a number of academic services to support students throughout the program.

Academic Orientations

To help students acclimate to the shift from high school to college academics, we offer a number of academic orientation sessions on arrival weekend, covering topics ranging from college-level study skills to time management to community-building.


Program staff members are available for advising should students have any difficulties or concerns about their courses. Program Director Michelle Paquette and Academic Advisor Caitlin Jorgensen are happy to meet with students to discuss courses as well as such matters as time management and study skills.

Writing Center

Students may take advantage of writing center tutors, whether taking an English course or any course that requires writing submissions, available Sunday through Thursday nights. Learn more here.

We strongly encourage students to take advantage of these academic support services. The skills taught will be helpful and applicable to not only our college-level summer courses, but also to high school courses when students return home.