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Skidmore College

Support the Summer Pre-College Program 

make a difference in a student's life

The Skidmore Pre-College Scholars Fund provides scholarships for talented high school students to attend our Pre-College Program, designed to prepare students for college success. Each summer, scholarships are awarded to select students who demonstrate financial need and academic merit, who might not otherwise have such an opportunity.

Your generous gift will go directly toward a scholarship for a high-achieving, economically disadvantaged high school student to experience the benefits of a college preparatory program, including getting a head start on college while earning credits and experiencing campus life.

For more information, contact Michelle Paquette at



Thank you for this opportunity to be a pre-college student, this was one of the best summers of my life. Since I got back home, when my friends ask me about my summer, I can tell that some of them get jealous that they didn't have the opportunity to experience college life. Coming back home, everything seems different now. I feel like Skidmore was an exciting dream that I woke up from and that I will never forget. Skidmore opened my eyes to bigger and better things. Now, instead of being scared for college, I am excited!"
—Pre-College scholarship recipient