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Skidmore College

David Glassman '17Q&A with Pre-College Grad David Glassman ’17

David Glassman ’17, whose hometown is Syosset, New York, is a junior at Skidmore currently studying abroad in Florence, Italy. He is a  mathematics major and computer science minor.

Pre-College Courses:

"Intro to Macroeconomics" and "Writing Seminar II"

Favorite part of Pre-College?

My favorite aspect of the program was the close community. There were many extracurricular activities, including weekend excursions and a play, which enabled me to bond with other participants. Some students even performed at Caffé Lena on open mic nights, and there was an enormous amount of audience support from students and staff. Pre-College challenged me to be more independent. I enrolled without knowing any other participants, so I was forced to interact with new people from the start. I also learned to seek help for myself because it was the first time that I did not have my parents watching over me.

Did Pre-College help your transition to college?

Absolutely. I was very acclimated to Skidmore once college began. Even the little things, such as knowing my way around campus, made me feel much more comfortable at the start of my freshman year. Additionally, taking Skidmore classes made the expectations and rigor of my courses very clear when I returned to the college as a four-year student.

Would you recommend Pre-College?

I would recommend the Pre-College Program for many reasons: the rigorous coursework which forces one to think outside of the box, the close-knit community of students from many different backgrounds, the beautiful town of Saratoga Springs, which is a wonderful place to spend the summer, and the ease of transition to college, especially Skidmore.