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Summer at Skidmore

Summer Events at Skidmore College

Welcome to Summer at Skidmore College! We offer a twelve-week season of world-class dance, music, theater, film, studio art, and literary readings by internationally renowned artists-in-residence.

Our complete summer season calendar is available here, and additional information may be found on the College’s Online Calendar. A full list of our summer events in a print friendly fridge calendar is available here.  These events are also listed below our featured events on this page.  


Featured Events:

We are especially pleased to announce the Stewart’s Signature Series, a lineup of premier events made possible through a generous grant from Stewart’s Shops and the Dake family.


The Manhattan Transfer
May 13, 8 pm 

The quintessential American a cappella, jazz fusion/pop music group with accolades, awards, and almost 30 albums to their credit.


The Trojan Women, Suzuki Company of Toga Japan
June 2 & 3, 7:30 pm 

Celebrated Japanese Director Tadashi Suzuki marries this pinnacle of the Greek tragedies with the classical Japanese form of Kabuki and Noh. The SCOT Company celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2015 and has performed in 84 cities and 31 countries world-wide.


Petronio Dance Company
June 15, 7:30 pm ­

Stephen Petronio is widely regarded as one of the leading dance-makers of his generation; his accolades include a Guggenheim Fellowship, an American Choreographer Award, and a New York Dance and Performance (Bessie) Award. This evening’s program features Petronio’s Untitled Touch, and Merce Cunningham’s RainForest.

Post-performance talk with Stephen Petronio


Jon Batiste and Stay Human
July 6, 8:00PM

Musician, bandleader and television personality Jonathan Batiste will be joined by Eddie Barbash (alto sax, and vocals), Louis Cato (acoustic & bass guitar, tuba, percussion, vocals), Ibanda Ruhumbika (tuba), Jonathan Lampley (trumpet, tuba), Grace Kelly (alto and baritone saxophone), Russell Hall (bass) and Joseph Saylor (drums). This special engagement will benefit the Skidmore McCormack Jazz Scholarship Fund.


Selected Shorts
July 22, 7:00 pm  

Featuring stories by authors from the New York State Summer Writers Institute, Selected Shorts presents an evening of funny, moving, romantic and surreal tales filled with unexpected twists and turns.



Full List of Summer Events 2017

5/13: The Manhattan Transfer, A Stewart’s Signature Event, 8pm, Arthur Zankel Music Center

6/2-­‐3:TheTrojanWomen, Suzuki Company of Toga, Japan, AStewart’sSignatureEvent, 7:30pm, Bernhard Theater

6/7: An Evening with Stephen Petronio: 2014 memoir “Confessions of a Motion Addict”, 7pm, Dance Theater  

6/8: Petronio Dance Company: Lecture Demonstration, 7pm, Dance Theater

6/8-­‐11: MDOCS Storytellers’ Institute Festosium Weekend

6/15: Visiting Artist Lecture: Ceramic artist and sculptor Syd Carpenter, 4-­‐5pm, Sommers Room, Tang Museum

6/15: Petronio Dance Company Performance, A Stewart’s Signature Event, 7:30pm, Arthur Zankel Music Center

6/20: Mozart in Havana with Simone Dinnerstein and the Havana Lyceum Orchestra, 7 pm, Arthur Zankel Music Center

6/22: Petronio Dance Company Lecture Demonstration, 7pm, Dance Theater

6/23: Petronio Workshop Dancers share lessons learned during the workshop, 2:30pm, Dance Theater

6/23: SITI Company: Reading of a work-­‐in-­‐progress, 7:30pm, Bernhard Theater

6/27: Terell Stafford Quintet, 8pm, Arthur Zankel Music Center

6/29-­‐30: SITI Company Participant Theater Showings, 7pm, Black Box, Bernhard Theater

6/29: Skidmore Jazz All-­‐Stars, 8pm, Arthur Zankel Music Center

6/30: SITI Company Theater Demonstrations: Viewpoints, 10am and Suzuki Method, 2pm, Bernhard Theater

6/30: Jazz Institute Student Concert, 1pm, Arthur Zankel Music Center

7/3: NYS Summer Writers Institute: Jim Shepard and Campbell McGrath, 8pm, Davis Auditorium

7/4: NYS Summer Writers Institute: Robert Pinsky and Elizabeth Benedict, 8pm, Davis Auditorium

7/5: NYS Summer Writers Institute: Darryl Pinckney and Joanna Scott, 8pm, Davis Auditorium

7/5: Skidmore Jazz All-­‐Stars, 8pm, Arthur Zankel Music Center

7/6: NYS Summer Writers Institute: Phillip Lopate and Linda Spalding, 8pm, Davis Auditorium

7/6: Jon Batiste and Stay Human, A Stewart’s Signature Event, 8pm, Arthur Zankel Music Center

7/7: NYS Summer Writers Institute: Michael Ondaatje and Howard Norman, 8pm, Davis Auditorium

7/7: Jazz Institute Student Concert, 1pm, Arthur Zankel Music Center

7/7–21: Schick Art Gallery Summer Art Faculty Exhibition, Schick Art Gallery

7/10: NYS Summer Writers Institute: Louise Gluck and Caryl Phillips, 8pm, Davis Auditorium

7/11: NYS Summer Writers Institute: Honor Moore, Rosanna Warren & Lloyd Schwartz, 8pm, Davis Auditorium

7/11: Decoda Faculty Performance, 7:30pm, Arthur Zankel Music Center

7/12: NYS Summer Writers Institute: Mary Gaitskill and Adam Haslett, 8pm, Davis Auditorium

7/13: NYS Summer Writers Institute: Lionel Shriver and Allan Gurganus, 8pm, Davis Auditorium

7/13: Schick Art Gallery Faculty Opening Reception, 4:30-­‐6pm, Schick Art Gallery

7/13: UpBeat on the Roof – Decoda Chamber Music Ensemble, 7pm, Tang Museum Rooftop

7/14: NYS Summer Writers Institute: Vijay Seshadri and Adam Braver, 8pm, Davis Auditorium

7/15: Tang Teaching Museum: Frances Day, 12pm, Tang Museum

7/15: Decoda Student Performance, 2pm, The Hyde Collection, Glens Falls

7/15: Summer Exhibition Celebration, 5:30-­‐7pm, Tang Museum

7/17: NYS Summer Writers Institute: Margo Jefferson and Peg Boyers, 8pm, Davis Auditorium

7/1829: Saratoga Shakespeare: AMidsummerNight’sDream, Tues-­‐Sat 6pm, Congress Park

7/18: NYS Summer Writers Institute: Mary Gordon and Tom Healy, 8pm, Davis Auditorium

7/18: Visiting Artist Talk: Mixed media artist Jessica Vaughn, reception following, 4-­‐5pm, Gannett Auditorium

7/18: Decoda Faculty Performance, 7:30pm, Arthur Zankel Music Center

7/19: NYS Summer Writers Institute: Charles Simic and Victoria Redel, 8pm, Davis Auditorium

7/20: NYS Summer Writers Institute: Russell Banks and Chase Twichell, 8pm, Davis Auditorium

7/20: UpBeat on the Roof – Alex Torres and His Latin Orchestra, 7pm, Tang Museum Rooftop

7/21: NYS Summer Writers Institute: Amy Hempel and Garth Greenwell, 8pm, Davis Auditorium

7/21: Decoda Student Interactive Performance, 9am, Arthur Zankel Music Center

7/21: PrintNation: All Day hands-­‐on Printmaking Extravaganza, 9am-­‐4pm, Saisselin Art Building Print Studio

7/21: Decoda Final Student Performance, 5pm, Arthur Zankel Music Center

7/22: Selected Shorts, A Stewart’s Signature Event, 7pm, Arthur Zankel Music Center

7/22: NYS Summer School of the Arts: Ballet Final Student Performance, 10am, Museum of Dance

7/24: NYS Summer Writers Institute: Cristina Garcia and Paul Harding, 8pm, Davis Auditorium

7/25: NYS Summer Writers Institute: William Kennedy and Francine Prose, 8pm, Davis Auditorium

7/26: NYS Summer Writers Institute: Joyce Carol Oates, 8pm, Davis Auditorium

7/27: NYS Summer Writers Institute: Jamaica Kincaid and Henri Cole, 8pm, Davis Auditorium

7/27: UpBeat on the Roof – World Music, 7pm, Tang Museum Rooftop

7/28: NYS Summer Writers Institute: Rick Moody and Jim Miller, 8pm, Davis Auditorium

8/15: Saratoga Shakespeare: TheWinter’sTale, Tues-­‐Sat at 6pm, Congress Park

8/1: Saratoga Shakespeare: Twelfth Night, Performances to be announced,

8/3: UpBeat on the Roof – Great Mutations (indie rock), 7pm, Tang Museum Rooftop

8/3-­‐4: Student Art Exhibition, Schick Art Gallery

8/4: Summer Studio Art Program Open House and Reception, 6-­‐7:30pm, Saisselin Art Building

8/5: NYS Summer School of the Arts: School of Dance Faculty Performance, 7pm, Dance Theater

8/6: NYS Summer School of the Arts: School of Orchestral Studies, 2pm, Arthur Zankel Music Center

8/8: NYS Summer School of the Arts: School of Orchestral Studies, Noon, Arthur Zankel Music Center

8/10: UpBeat on the Roof – Cannon the Brave (dreamy folk), 7pm, Tang Museum Rooftop

8/11: NYS Summer School of the Arts: School of Dance Final Student Performance, 7pm, Dance Theater

8/17: UpBeat on the Roof – The Ramblin Jug Stompers (funky Americana), 7pm, Tang Museum Rooftop

8/17: UpBeat on the Roof – Pony in the Pancake (psychedelic surf rock), 7pm, Tang Museum Rooftop

8/19: NYS Summer School of the Arts: School of Orchestral Studies Final Student Performance, 2pm, SPAC