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What the guidebooks say about Skidmore

Skidmore works hard to provide an intensive, personalized, creative liberal arts education at a reasonable price.

Our inclusion in the Princeton Review’s 2015 Colleges That Pay You Back and Kiplinger's 2015 list of Best Values in Liberal Arts supports and reinforces this high-priority goal.

So does our inclusion in Money's “Schools Where a Liberal Arts Degree Can Pay Off Big": Skidmore is listed as one of 21 liberal arts colleges with tough admissions standards and the best shot at a six-figure income.

Need more proof? Forbes recently named Skidmore one of "America's Most Entrepreneurial Colleges 2015"—#7 overall!

More of what college guides and websites have to say about Skidmore:

• Skidmore one of the best national liberal arts colleges, according to College Choice

Based on a recent survey by UCLA’s Higher Education Research Institute looking at factors most important to freshmen in their college selection—academic reputation, financial aid, overall cost, and success in the postcollege job market, College Choice ranked Skidmore 30th among national liberal arts colleges.

• Skidmore one of the best liberal arts schools in the country, according to U.S. News & World Report

Skidmore continues to be rated highly in the annual U.S. News & World Report rankings for national liberal arts schools—#38 for 2016. Highlights include its #12 ranking in the category of strong commitment to undergraduate teaching and its overall ranking of #31 by high school guidance counselors.

• Skidmore gets awesome report card from College Niche

Among the grades awarded to Skidmore by College Niche:

• A overall

• A academics

• A+ campus food

• A- campus housing

• A- campus quality

• A- diversity

• One of the nation's best 380 colleges, according to Princeton Review

Princeton Review's rankings—in The Best 380 Colleges: 2016 Edition—are based on its surveys of 136,000 students, rating everything from their financial aid to on-campus food. No individual rankings were assigned within the 380 best.

• Skidmore’s study-abroad program second-most popular

Skidmore was recently ranked second among the top 40 baccalaureate institutions for the number of students studying abroad for a semester. (Data was compiled by the Institute for International Education.)

• Skidmore: #9 small-college business program

When most people think of quality business degrees, they think of large universities where class sizes are huge and internship berths are cutthroat. Truth is, some of the best business programs are at colleges with under 4,000 students. Skidmore’s business program ranks as the ninth-best, according to this accounting website. In fact, Skidmore was recently rated 32nd worldwide in the accounting education cases category by BYU, which publishes rankings based on the research contributions of the accounting professors.

• “First-rate academic institution”

Students at Skidmore are well aware that they are attending a “first-rate academic institution” and say the learning atmosphere fosters a “relaxed intensity.” The library is “packed on weeknights” and “many people would be surprised to find how often a Skidmore student is cramming his or her weekend with serious studying.” The low student-to-teacher ratio offers “smaller class sizes for more personalized and individual attention.” —Best Value Colleges, Princeton Review

• No “typical Skidmore student”

”There really is know way to describe a typical Skidmore student. To categorize any of them is very difficult. We have jocks, artists, computer geeks, and science nerds. As long as you can engage in an intellectual or quirky conversation, you are going to have no trouble making friends.” —Best Value Colleges, Princeton Review

• Professors are family

“You will inevitably find your niche of friends, and your passions and interests will develop as you do as a person. College is a tough time for most people, as you are in a state of figuring out what the heck you want to do with your life. Luckily, Skidmore has a great deal of potential in helping you do this. Its strongest points are the closeness you will find in friends, classmates, and very importantly, professors. These people are rooting for you! They will surprisingly help lead you in the right direction because Skidmore offers a strong sense of family. You are not just a number here. You are not Jane/John Doe, for goodness sake!” —

• Stunning interdisciplinary facility

Skidmore’s emphasis on interdisciplinary study is most dramatically manifested—architecturally, at least—in the Frances Young Tang Teaching Museum and Art Gallery. Located on campus in a stunning facility, the museum works to expand the concept of what a gallery exhibition can be. The museum includes dedicated teaching space, and many professors hold classes there to help students consider subject matter in unusual ways.” —SparkCollege

• Great college town

The Skidmore campus offers terrific views of the surrounding mountains and forests of the Adirondack region. If you’re a hiker, biker, or skier, you’ll find plenty of options to keep you more than busy on weekends. Lake George, a popular resort destination, is about thirty minutes away. New York, Boston, and Montreal, all within driving distance, constitute the troika of long-weekend getaway destinations. The town of Saratoga Springs itself strikes most students as an unexpectedly vibrant place. Skidmore’s campus is about a mile from the center of town, where you’ll find plenty of restaurants and shops, many catering to the outdoors-seeking tourists who pass through the area year-round. Students can catch a folk music show at Caffè Lena, purportedly the country’s oldest coffeehouse.” —SparkCollege

Travel & Leisure rates Saratoga Springs as the nation's sixth-best college town

In its heyday, Saratoga Springs was overrun with tourists looking to take the cure at one of the area’s many natural hot-spring spas—and place a few horse-racing bets on the side. The famous racetrack still attracts big crowds in summer, when the city also hosts the New York City Ballet, but it's become a year-round destination city with an incredible array of restaurants, cafés, culture, and recreational opportunities.

• Peerless faculty, classmates, social life, and food

“There are some professors who have just blown me away with their lectures, and because they know the material so well and are truly interested in what they are teaching, the students get more from their classes.”

“Our students are incredibly diverse in terms of interests, opinions, backgrounds, and personal philosophies,” a student says. “My peers challenge me just as much as my professors do and I’m entirely grateful for that."

“My biggest complaint about the social life would have to be that we haven’t yet found a way to be in four places at once,” a student says. “There’s never a shortage of things to do.”

“I have friends come visit me from other schools and demand to be sneaked into our dining hall.” —Fiske Guide to Colleges

Some of the best college food in the US, seventh best, according to Business Insider

Of all the gripes students have about college, the biggest usually has to do with the food. But not every college fails where food is concerned; in fact, some colleges offer food so good that it's just like mom used to make. Says a student, “Skidmore College has by far the best food. There are a ton of options, the dining hall is open until 11 p.m., and as a freshman you get an unlimited meal plan." And it doesn't hurt that the college's chefs have won competitions many times over.

• Personal connections

Teachers are always around and have plenty of office hours, and there are no TAs in sight. If you make the effort to connect, then teachers will too. “The teachers are great—they’re always open to making time outside of class to talk,” says a sophomore. Also, meeting new people and mixing among social groups is common and easy to do. “There’s a strong sense of community. The school is small enough that you feel like you know everyone, but I’m somehow still meeting new, awesome people every weekend,” says a senior. —Insider’s Guide to the Colleges

• “Creative Thought Matters”

That’s “the motto of upstate New York’s Skidmore College, which can be found all over campus and in every student’s mind. The small school looks to turn out ‘well-rounded, open-minded, interested’ students, and to that end stresses ‘the doing of interesting things outside of, or in complement to, academics.’ Students, faculty, and staff alike embrace the tenets of Skidmore life, and make sure that the college ‘represents the meeting point between a phenomenal social atmosphere and an interdisciplinary take on academics.’ —The Best 378 Colleges, Princeton Review

• Happiness is a Skidmore value

Newsweek named Skidmore among the 20 "happiest" colleges in the country in its 2012 College Rankings. The magazine calls the happiest students those who got what they expected from their college of choice. Relatively immune to transfers and dropouts, the happiest schools also scored high marks for student satisfaction with the overall college experience. If given the choice, the most contented students would attend the same college. (Student opinion data from Newsweek’s college ranking partner, College Prowler; retention rate according to National Center for Education Statistics. Skidmore’s full-time retention rate was 95%, and 88% of students said they would choose Skidmore again.)

• What’s not to like?

“Consider the location: a picturesque small city (with good restaurants) that’s three hours from New York, Boston and Montreal. That’s great for students who don’t want to study in an urban area, yet want access to big cities. Skidmore offers a broad curriculum, with traditional majors in the liberal arts and sciences, but also in subjects like management and business. The college is strong as well in individual and performing arts. Saratoga Springs has the oldest thoroughbred racetrack in the United States. It’s the permanent summer home of the New York City Ballet and the Philadelphia Orchestra. The school runs its own programs in London, Spain, Paris, India and Beijing, and is affiliated with many other overseas programs.” —“25 New Ivies,” Kaplan/Newsweek Guide to Getting into College

• Skidmore one of 21 schools where a liberal arts degree can pay off big

Good news, poets and philosophers. At nearly two dozen liberal arts colleges, graduates typically go on to earn at least $100,000 a year by the time they reach their thirties, according to a report from the salary website This data backs up other research that has identified a real payoff to the pursuit of a liberal arts degree.

• Skidmore seventh among America's most entrepreneurial colleges, says Forbes

Top research universities aren’t the only startup launchpads. Forbes ranked the country’s most entrepreneurial schools based on the number of alumni and students who identified themselves as founders and business owners on LinkedIn, divided by the student body (undergraduate and graduate combined). Not only did Skidmore make the top-20 startup colleges on the Forbes list—it was seventh!


Updated November 2015

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