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Anthropology Department

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Department Overview

Anthropology is the study of the human condition, both past and present. Our scholarship and courses concentrate on both the universal practices of humanity and the distinctiveness of particular societies and cultures around the globe. By exploring the complexities of culture and social action, bio-cultural processes, and the archaeological past, our students investigate and appreciate the diversity of the human condition from a critical and historical perspective. Our courses introduce students to fieldwork and provide them with various theoretical frameworks and scientific paradigms, while at the same time developing their skills in critical thinking and reading, data collection, argumentation, and writing. In the support of a liberal arts approach, we encourage our students to develop interdisciplinary interests and to bridge anthropology with fine arts, humanities, and the natural and social sciences, and to explore those interests through coursework, individual research projects, internships, and study abroad. Through the study of the breadth and scope of the human experience, we strive to help our students become responsible, informed global citizens.

What do Anthropologists do?  A major in anthropology provides students with a solid foundation for graduate study and careers in a range of fields, including cultural heritage, education, environmental sustainability, historic preservation, international development, medicine and public health, museum studies, and social service.

To learn more about careers in anthropology, visit the "What do Anthropologists do?" web site of the American Anthropological Association.