Office of Communications and Marketing

Staff and Services

The Office of Communications and Marketing plans and implements major communications initiatives on the College's behalf. We also support academic and administrative departments in such areas as internal communications, event promotion, media relations, and photography. Below is a short list with key contacts.

If you're unsure whom to contact, call Nancy Shaw at x5733.

 Debra Townsend Debra Townsend, Interim Vice President for Communications and Marketing, x5733
 no image available Nancy Shaw, Senior Administrative Assistant, x5733

Campus and Media Relations

This group is responsible for alumni communications such as Scope Magazine and Scope Monthly, event marketing and promotion, coordination of local and national media, and academic web content and support.

pwd Paul Dwyer, Editor/Publicist, x5341
Alumni communications, e-newsletters
Sue Rosenberg Sue Rosenberg, Writer/Editor, x5738
Alumni communications, Scope Magazine, Scope Monthly
Idalia Sepulveda
Idalia Sepúlveda, Academic Web News Coordinator, x5673
Academic web user support. (Check to see if your site is academic)
 no image available TBD, Director, Campus and Media Relations
News stories, press releases, event promotion, media relations (local and national)

Marketing and Engagement

This group is responsible for marketing in athletics and admissions, video production and management of digital resources, digital engagement, and coordinating social media. 

 no image available Bill Jones, Athletic Marketing Manager, x5364
Sports information, news, scores, athletics website management
Peter McDonald Peter MacDonald, Admission Marketing Manager, x5732
Admissions recruitment publications, admissions web presence
no image available Lucas Meyers, Director of Marketing and Engagement, x5733
 Daniella Nordin Daniella Nordin, Digital Engagement Manager, x5616
Online community building and marketing
no image available Vickie Riley, Manager of Videography and Digital Resources, x5252
Video production and photographic resources
 Jackie Vetrano
Jackie Vetrano, Social Media Assistant, x5731
Online marketing and social media
 Pat Wright Pat Wright, Visual Resources Coordinator, x5737
Photo library archivist, photography coordinator

Web Design and Development

This group is responsible for the design and development of websites for the College, graphic design and print marketing materials, email marketing, and administrative web content and support, and user training.

Andy Camp Andrew Camp, Director of Web Design and Development, x5745
Web development and design, custom graphic design and print
Jenn Crewell  Jenn Crewell, Web Development Coordinator, x8117
Email marketing, administrative website content, user support and training
(Check to see if your site is administrative)
 Mary Parliman Mary Parliman, Designer, x5739
Graphic design, publication design and production, college graphic standards
no image available

Jonathan A. Volks, Programmer, x5735