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Dean of the Faculty/Vice President for Academic Affairs


February 4, 2005
Gannett Auditorium


President Philip A. Glotzbach called the meeting to order at 3:37 p.m.

President Glotzbach asked if there were any objections to the approval of the December 3, 2004 Faculty Meeting minutes; hearing no objections, the minutes were approved.


President Glotzbach welcomed everyone back from the winter break and wished everyone well in the spring semester. In the interests of preserving sufficient time for a discussion of the Strategic Plan, the President chose not to deliver a formal report.


Dean Charles M. Joseph opened his report by welcoming back those faculty members returning from sabbatical: Associate Professor Paul Arciero, Professor Robert Boyers, Professor Judith Halstead, Senior Artist-in-Residence, Richard Hihn. There are thirteen faculty members on sabbatical during the spring semester; this is a combination of those continuing their full-year leaves and those taking just spring semester leaves.

Dean Joseph reported that the Skidmore faculty was very well represented at the January meeting of the Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U) conference in San Francisco. Workshops and sessions offered at that conference included the following faculty members: Professor Ruth Andrea Levinson, Director, Expanding Horizons Program together with Mike Nugents, Principal, Schuylerville Central Schools offered a session on “Expanding Horizons: An Innovative K-16 Partnership.” Due to an emergency, Professor Levinson was unable to attend the
conference; therefore, Associate Dean Sarah Goodwin presented in her stead. Susan Layden and Monica Minor, Director and Associate Director, respectively, of the Higher Education Opportunity Program presented a session on “Earning our A’s: Access and Achievement in Higher Education.” President Glotzbach conducted a workshop for the American Conference for Academic Deans entitled “Seasons of a Dean’s Life: Becoming a President.”

Dean Joseph recognized two colleagues who have chosen to retire: Elaine Rubenstein in Biology and Tad Kuroda in History.

Dean Joseph will be involved in two searches during the spring semester: Dean of Special Programs and Dean of the Faculty. Dean Joseph is co-chair with Joanna Zangrando for the Dean of Special Programs search. He is also co-chair with Mark Hofmann for the Dean of Faculty search. Professor Zangrando gave an update on the Dean of Special Programs search. The committee members are: Beth Brucker-Kane, Jim Chansky, Deborah Meyers, Gerry Schorin, Carolyn Anderson, Beau Breslin, Associate Dean John Brueggemann, and the two co-chairs. Professor Zangrando
gave special thanks to Wendy LeBlanc for her assistance. Ads have been placed in the Chronicle of Higher Education, the New York Times, and the Times Union, and a website has been created. The prospectus has been finalized and will be emailed over the weekend.

Mark Hofmann updated the Dean of Faculty search. The committee members are: Sharon Arpey, Pat Oles, Michael Ennis-McMillan, Pat Fehling, Heidi Jaouad, and the two co-chairs. Ads have been placed in the Chronicle, online, and other ads will be placed in appropriate publications soon. The prospectus will be available by early next week. The timeline for the Dean of Faculty search: Initial interviews conducted in mid-April or so and final candidates brought to campus at the end of April. A final meeting has been tentatively scheduled for May 5 from 11:00 a.m. to12:00 Noon. Both searches are being assisted by Tobi van der Vorm from Academic Search Consultation Service in Washington, D.C. Both committees encouraged nomination of candidates. With the help of CAPT and CFG, Dean Joseph has been working on job descriptions for the two separated positions. Some parts of the restructuring of duties will need CAPT and CFG’s approval and will eventually go to the faculty floor to facilitate the necessary changes to the Faculty Handbook. Dean Joseph asked for everyone’s patience with the staff in the Dean of Faculty’s Office during the spring semester as the transition unfolds.

Dean Joseph discussed the opportunities available through the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Upstate New York FourCollege Consortium grant. There are three initiatives under the grant: Speakers Bureau, Post-Tenure Enhancement, Visiting Scholars Program (faculty exchanges). If anyone is interested in participating, they are to contact the Dean of Faculty’s Office for further information. Roy Rotheim introduced Skidmore’s first Visiting Scholar under the grant, Professor Tom Michl, Professor of Economics at Colgate University. Professor Michl is teaching EC 361 003, Economic Growth, during the spring semester as well as working with an honors student. Visiting Scholars coming to Skidmore next fall: Professor Jordan Smith, English, Union College and Professor Terry Weiner, Government, Union College. Future Visiting Scholars: Louisa Matthew, Art History, Union College and Seth Greenberg, Psychology, Union College. Future Visiting Scholars from Skidmore, all going to Union: Associate Professor David Vella, Math and Computer Science Department; Professor Murray Levith, English Department; and Professor Phyllis Roth, English Department. There are a few open slots for the 2006-07 academic year; if interested let Dean Joseph know. As part of the Mellon grant each school is responsible for assessment. Dean Joseph has appointed Phyllis Roth to fill that role for Skidmore.

It will be a busy semester which will include continuation of work that on the assessment effort, Middle States review, and coordinating with Advancement for the capital campaign initiative.


DON McCORMACK – Special Programs

Dean McCormack reported that the Visiting Artist Scholar Residency Program has been successful. Having started last spring with the residency of Michael Ondaatje, the program followed up with the residency of Joshua Redman in the 2004 fall semester. A third residency during the 2005 spring semester (April 11 through April 14) will be Robert Pinsky. Although Mr. Pinsky’s schedule is nearly full, there is still a little room for those faculty members who may be interested in attending a lunch on Thursday, April 14. Please let Dean McCormack know if interested. Mr. Pinsky’s
main event “A reading by Robert Pinsky, a former Poet Laureate” will be held Thursday, April 14, at 8:00 p.m. in Gannett Auditorium.

Dean McCormack also reported that the summer financial report has improved since last year when there was a significant drop in the net operating surplus in the budget. Special Program’s budget is approximately $5 million. Generally revenues of approximately $3 million are generated by the summer program. For the summer of 2003, the net surplus figure was $191,000, a 58 percent drop from the previous year. Figures from last summer indicate the operating net will be approximately $530,000, an increase of $339,000 (177 percent increase). Dean McCormack
thanked his staff for their marvelous efforts, and noted that the entire staff is involved in monitoring finances. Dean McCormack is extremely proud of their contribution to the success of this past year.

MICHAEL CASEY – Advancement

Mr. Casey updated the status of the campaign. Advancement is trying to get through the early solicitations phase. To date there have been $44 million in commitments in seven months, which is a good start. In terms of actual dollars, Skidmore is about $3 million and 800 donors ahead of last year. Mr. Casey thanked all of those who are helping to move forward specific agenda items in the plan. Advancement is ramping up use of faculty on the road, and he thanked all of those who have helped with this effort.



Professor Gordon Thompson, on behalf of the Committee on Educational Policies and Planning (CEPP), opened the floor for discussion of the following motion: CEPP moves that the faculty
approve the 4+1 articulation agreement with the Graduate College of Union University, thus permitting Skidmore students to complete an MBA degree with one year of matriculation at Union University: This motion comes to CEPP from Associate Professor James Kennelly, Chair, Department of Management and Business and the department itself. (See Attachment A.) This motion was introduced at the last meeting. Discussion proceeded; the motion was put to a vote and passed with all in favor.


Professor John Anzalone, on behalf of the Committee on Faculty Governance, announced that the committee hopes to bring revised Faculty Handbook language regarding the separation of the VPAA and DOF positions to the March faculty meeting. Professor Anzalone also asked that all faculty members give serious consideration to serving on committees. He encouraged everyone to participate when the next willingness to serve is issued.


Professor John Anzalone, on behalf of the Committee on Faculty Governance (CFG), introduced the following motion: the Committee on Faculty Governance moves that the words "The Malloy Curator of the Tang Teaching Museum and Art Gallery" be inserted in the Faculty Handbook’s list of administrators who may attend and vote in faculty meetings. (See Attachment B.) Coming from the Committee, the motion required no second and will lie over until the next meeting.


Professor Gordon Thompson, on behalf of the Committee on Educational Policies and Planning (CEPP), introduced the following motion: The Committee on Educational Policy and Planning moves that the faculty adopt the following change in the college expository writing requirement: Replace the current college expository writing requirement that is fulfilled by completing EN 105, EN 105Honors, or a Writing Intensive course before the end of the student’s sophomore year with three Writing Enriched courses taken throughout the student’s college career. Those students who need to take EN 103 Writing Seminar I as preparation for meeting this requirement must do so by the end of their first year. (See Attachment C and Addendum - Attachment D.) Coming from the Committee, the motion required no second and will lie over until the next meeting. CEPP will conduct an Open Forum on February 11, 2005 at 3:30 p.m. for discussion of this motion.


Associate Professor Beau Breslin, on behalf of University Without Walls Committee, made a motion for the conferral of degrees. Resolved, that the Faculty of Skidmore College recommend to the Trustees the granting of the Bachelor of Arts degree to two students: Athena Burke and Katelyn Cavanagh Keating, and the Bachelor of Science degree to four students: Lana Rae Brown, Mario Macaluso, Michael Garcia Mack, and Barbara Jacobs Sussman. The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.


Associate Professor Michael Mudrovic, on behalf of the Master of Liberal Arts Committee, made a motion for the conferral of degrees. Resolved, that the Faculty of Skidmore College recommend to the Trustees the granting of the Master of Arts degree to three students: Andrew Shawn Andermatt, Maureen A. Lafferty, and Héctor Luis Torres Clavell.


Discussion of Strategic Plan:

President Glotzbach led a discussion of the Strategic Plan. He stated it is important to conclude the planning phase and move to the implementation phase. The current plan is based on the structure of the previous plan. He recognized the members of the committee: President Glotzbach and Susan Kress as co-chairs; Chuck Joseph, Michael West, Michael Casey, Mary Lou Bates, Don McCormack, Pat Oles, Ann Henderson, Gordon Thompson, Bill Lewis, Denise Smith, John H. Chaplin, Barbara McDonough, Betsy Sheridan '05, and Kristin Coates '05. Stephanie Van Allen is supporting the committee. The President summarized the progress and work that has occurred on the plan and opened the floor for discussion. Several meetings and open fora are planned for the future. A Strategic Plan website has been created: http://www.skidmore.edu/planning/.


The meeting was adjourned at 5:10 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Colleen M. Kelly
Executive Secretary
Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the Faculty