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Dean of the Faculty/Vice President for Academic Affairs


February 24, 2012
Gannett Auditorium


I. Approval of Minutes - February 3, 2012

II. President's Report - Philip A. Glotzbach

III. Vice President for Academic Affairs Report - None

I. Dean of the Faculty Report - Beau Breslin

IV. Old Business

V. New Business

I. Curriculum Committee - Lisa Aronson

I. MOTION - Elimination of the Dance-Theater Interdepartmental Major
II. Announcement of Education Studies Minor
III. Update on language in the Faculty Handbook for the creation and elimination of minors

II. Committee on Educational Policies and Planning - Josh Ness

I. MOTION - Culture-Centered Inquiry
II. Proposal to separate the Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work

III. Vice President for Academic Affairs - Susan Kress

I. MOTION - Revision to Part One, Article X of the Faculty Handbook

IV. Faculty Executive Committee - Barbara Black

I. MOTION - Revision to Part Two, II, 14 of the Faculty Handbook
II. MOTION - Insertion of new Part Two, II, [16] in the Faculty Handbook
III. MOTION - Revision of Part Two, II, 2, of the Faculty Handbook

VI. Other

I. Structure of Academic Affairs - Beau Breslin

VII. Announcements

I. Periclean Scholar Awards, Crossword Puzzle Tournament and Faculty Interest Group session - Michael Arnush
II. Faculty Executive Commitee - Barbara Black
III. Invitation to Community Reception - Paul Calhoun