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Environmental Studies and Sciences



Please note that there are two courses being offered in summer 2009 that count toward the ES major and minor:

GE 101 Earth Systems Science (this is a foundation course for the new ES-Environmental Science track, it replaces GE 207 Environmental Geology in the old ES-Environmental Science track, and it is a Cluster B1 course for the ES-Social and Cultural Perspectives track and ES minor)

GE 251 Special Topics: Glacial Geology (this course counts as a Cluster B1 and a Cluster B2 for the ES major and minor)

MS 104 Introduction to Statistics - on-line 4
An introduction to fundamental concepts in statistical reasoning. Students will consider contexts, both historical and modern, in which statistical approaches arose and methodologies developed. Topics considered will include organization and analysis of data, the drawing of inferences from these data, and the careful presentation of these inferences. Examples will be drawn from a variety of disciplines. (Fulfills QR2 requirement.)