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Health and Human Physiological Sciences


HES Faculty October 2014
Top row: Pat Fehling, Chair, Steve Ives, Jeff Segrave, T. H. Reynolds, Paul Arciero, Emery Ward, Patrick Pierre-Victor ’14, Ethan Pelletier ‘15
Front row: Debbie Nichols, Karen Arciero, Feng He, Jeanne Haller, Denise Smith


Chair of the Department of Health and Human Physiological Sciences: T.H. Reynolds

Professors: Paul Arciero, Patricia Fehling, Thomas H. Reynolds, Jeffrey Segrave, Denise Smith

Assistant Professor: Stephen Ives

Visiting Assistant Professor: Justin Faller, Maria Korre, Robert Restaino

Senior Instructor: Karen Arciero

Research Assistants: Jeannie Haller, Andrea Wilkinson

Research Associates: Catherine Anderson-Hanley, Thomas Rowland