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Human Resources

Human Resources Staff

Janet  Janet Wood
Benefits Coordinator

Benefits Administration and Changes; Workers' Compensation; Disability

(518) 580-5803
Clarissa Clarissa Sawyer
Employment Coordinator

Faculty, Staff & Union Employment Administration; Job Applicant Assistance; Job Advertisements; Calendar for Assistant Director for EEO and Workforce Diversity

(518) 580-5802
Leslie Leslie Miakisz
HRIS & Payroll Coordinator

HR Database & Records Administration; Unemployment; Summer Employment Administration; Employee Directory

(518) 580-5806
Terri Terri Mariani
Training Coordinator

Education and Staff Development Administration; Lending Library; Get Well Basket and Baby Baskets (employees); Memorial Gift Donations (employees/retirees); A Thoroughbred Thanks Appreciation Cards (employees)

(518) 580-5804

Alena Llorens-Myers
Assistant Director for Training & Development and Project Management

Education and Staff Development; Employee Relations; Performance Management; Organizational Effectiveness; PQ Process

(518) 580-5817

Assistant Director for Labor Relations

Researching, Drafting and Administering Policies, Procedures and Programs

Saytra Green
Assistant Director for Employment, Compliance and Workforce Diversity

Employment and Hiring; Workforce Diversity; EEO/Complaints Investigations; Unlawful Harassment Training

(518) 580-8418


Laura Goodwin
Assistant Director for Benefits Administration
and Labor Relations

Benefits Management; Labor Relations; Employee Relations; Retirement/Retiree Counsel

(518) 580-5808


Deborah Clark
HRIS-Finance Programmer/Analyst

Supports Oracle and other systems for HR and Financial Services

(518) 580-5833


Nancy S. Bruno
Assistant Director for Compensation and HRIS

Compensation; HR Systems and Data; Employee Relations; Web Development & Maintenance; Organizational Effectiveness

(518) 580-5807

Barbara E. Beck
Associate Vice President for Finance & Administration
and Chief Human Resources Officer

Leadership Coaching; Change Management; Employee Relations; Organizational Design & Effectiveness; Labor Relations; Strategic Planning

(518) 580-5800